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Getting Ready to Start a New Site!This will be my second site on WA and I'm way stoked about the idea I have! I guess I am just looking for some feedback on the idea from y'all!My first site is doing pretty well, getting indexed, getting traffic, no money, yet, but, it's only been a month. So, I am really happy with where it is so far!My IdeaI am really into artistry, be it, musicians, bands, artists, painters, photographers, just about any kind of raw talent I can find. My thought is, why not
February 03, 2020
So, I've been trying to promote my site on social media for a couple weeks now with absolutely no luck.Facebook shot me down saying my ads were about either MLM or making money, both of which is absolutely not true. I run a website that is about owning and living in an RV.Instagram gives me the same reason. I don't understand. I see those kind of ads all the time on both Facebook and Instagram. But neither my ads, nor my website is about either of those things.The final straw came the other day
Do Something Different This Year!Messages in A BottleIf you have trouble being romantic, or possibly even feel awkwardrevealing your love openly, this is a fantastic way of getting yourmessage through.Messages in a bottle will take your loved one back to the love stories of heryouth, and represent a secret love that every woman will melt to.You can acquire a message in a bottle from www.personalcreations.comwhere you can customize the etched message that will be carefullyplaced in the plastic b
I'm finally on Google's radar!Just got notified that google has indexed my site, and I couldn't be more excited! This is the first time I have gotten this far in my online career, and boy, it feels good! Onward and upward my fellow WA soldiers, keep working the system, because it does work!Jerry
January 21, 2020
Looking for success ahead!I have now been working on my blog, for about a week, maybe a week and a half, and I feel like I have made significant strides towards having a really amazing website I can call my own.While this is not my first attempt at an online presence or business, it is the first one that has felt right, right from the beginning. With the awesome support and team at WA, I have made more strides in a week and a half, than I ever have with anything else before!Shiny Obj
January 16, 2020
Excited and HopefulHere I am, diving in head first. I've tried so many things before, and failed, or saw the next, new shiny thing and jumped ship to try this out, or that out, only to fail once again, or find something new that promised me riches overnight. Just to be dissapointed once again.But, I sincerely feel Wealthy Affiliate is different. I know right up front it is going to take hard work, dedication, and focus to make it work. I know up front it is (probably) going to take months to st