A Word On Over Optimization

Last Update: February 11, 2018

A few months ago I had switched from the recommended SEO plugin All-In-One to Yoast Seo.

When I first set it up I was super excited because it gives you all kinds of recommendations to fix SEO issues.

One of them is to have a keyword density of .5%. After following this recommendation on one of my posts I jumped instantly from around 12 or 13 to 7!

I was hooked so I went through all of my old posts and applied these recommendations.

However, since I have come to Mexico, I have gained access to some spreadsheets to identify SEO issues.

One of them is over-optimization.

So to test this, I took a post that was ranking at the top of page two for its main keyword.

I removed the keyword so that it is only on the page two times, I even removed it from alt tags as well.

As you can see before I removed the keywords I was ranking around the middle of the second page.

I removed the keywords in the first week of January.

In about a month this page has jumped almost to the middle the first page!

So, long story short, follow the training when they tell you to use the keyword in the title and in the first paragraph, then write naturally after that.

This page also jumped for several other keywords as well during the last month.

Now I just need to find the time to go back through all of my other posts and fix this issue!

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IvyT Premium
Nice comparisons in the testing, thank you! If anyone was in doubt, your experience should easily dispel concerns. Keyword stuffing is evidently not good for your search engine presence, or your writing.
JeremyH86 Premium
Thanks Ivy!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Jeremy
MarionBlack Premium
I've been using Yoast since before I joined WA over three years ago. But I only use Yoast to tell me when my writing is getting to complicated. I don't touch the SEO part at all. Keyword stuffing just doesn't work.
kimwolfe Premium
So did you switch back to all in one seo?
JeremyH86 Premium
Hey Kim, no I still like Yoast better, I just ignore the keyword density warnings.
kimwolfe Premium
Good to know Jeremy. I use yoast too and have been wondering if I should change. But it’s easier to keep and ignore keyword density as you have suggested. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
AlejandraB Premium
How do you like Valle de Bravo? Have you visited the monarch butterflies Santuario?
JeremyH86 Premium
Valle de Bravo is a really neat little town! Lots of delicious and cheap food. Haven't been to see the butterflies but we hiked to the top of La Peña yesterday, which was pretty cool. Getting lots of exercise from walking up all the hills!