My First Referral

Last Update: August 30, 2015

Hey everyone!

Today is a very exciting day for me, and hopefully for my VERY FIRST REFERRAL too.

Today, I have proven to myself (and a lot of others), that if you take action with the awesome training available here, things can happen pretty quickly.

Thank you all for all your help along the way. I can honestly say that I have never had a question go unanswered for more than a few minutes.

Anyway, just a short post this time, but the next one will go into a little more detail about how I got to this point in just a few short months with my WA promotion site.

I was hoping to get a few of you to drop by and give my first referral a big Wealthy Affiliate welcome?

This would be awesome and much appreciated!

Thank you ~Jeremy

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danbarth87 Premium
Congrats!! And sure will
jeremy111 Premium
Thank you Dan!
Xavieur Premium
Jeremy congratulations awesome, many more in the next few weeks
jeremy111 Premium
Thank you Xavieur!
I thought your name was familiar to me, so I checked back through my friends and you were actually the very first person to follow me and welcome me to WA!
Nice to connect again :)
Loes Premium
Welcomed:) Congrats!
jeremy111 Premium
Great Loes!
Thanks so much :)
marctko Premium
All done. Congrats Jeremy and I wish you continued success!
jeremy111 Premium
Thank you.
Success to you too!
curtlaw Premium
Hi Jeremy:
Congradulation on # 1. I hope you many more in the near future.
jeremy111 Premium
Thank you Curt!!