My Progress So Far

Last Update: April 11, 2014

Following the lessons closely and I am on level 2 #10. I feel like I have progressed quickly but no where near getting any money yet. Hopefully I will know soon if all this hard work is going to pay off or if this is just another internet scam.
My website is if you would like to check out the site. I am pretty proud of the website though I know there is a lot of work to do.
I do not have specific 3 or 6 month goals. My goal is just to work as hard as possible til I know if this is something I can do to make money. If this works then I will make more tangible goals.

Thank you for your feedback in advance.

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jscot62 Premium
Looked at the website and it looks good. You must have been really working hard.
JenSmith Premium
Yes, very. Thank you.
masamir Premium
Great job. Knowledge & training are the power, they will bring you money soon.