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May 07, 2014
Today is my last day. It has nothing to do with the program. I wish I could stay on. I need to make some money first, though. Hopefully I will see you on the flip side. Thanks, Jennifer
April 11, 2014
Following the lessons closely and I am on level 2 #10. I feel like I have progressed quickly but no where near getting any money yet. Hopefully I will know soon if all this hard work is going to pay off or if this is just another internet scam. My website is if you would like to check out the site. I am pretty proud of the website though I know there is a lot of work to do. I do not have specific 3 or 6 month goals. My goal is just to work as hard as possible til I know if th
April 09, 2014
I went ahead and purchased the Premium package. I hope I made the right decision.