1st Amazon Attempt: FAIL 2nd Attempt: SUCCESS!

Last Update: February 16, 2019

I am so happy that I finally got accepted into Amazon. The first time I joined I didn’t make the required 3 sales in 180 days, so I got kicked out.

The same day I was kicked out, I re-applied, and received a new ID. I had to change all of my links over to the new ID, which was very time consuming.

My 2nd attempt with Amazon, I made it my mission to write product reviews, and best and top products lists. I received 2 sales in November around Black Friday, and then nothing.

Christmas came and went, and I was starting to worry about getting that 3rd sale, especially in January when no one spends money and businesses are slow.

I did not want to go through the ordeal of changing all of my links again, the first time it took me 2 days, and I knew this time would take even longer because I had so many more links!!

To my surprise I made my 3rd sale in February, and received an email from Amazon saying my website has been reviewed and accepted.

Now I can focus on my other affiliate programs, and not have the pressure of having to make Amazon sales in a certain time frame.

Anyone who is wanting to join Amazon, I would suggest waiting until you have enough traffic. If you haven’t made 3 sales and are facing your account being closed, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!

You can always re-apply, it’s just time consuming to change your links. The mistake I made the first time was applying too early when I hardly had any traffic, and I gave up too early after receiving my 90 day notice.

I don’t think I would have joined Amazon in the first place, having known about their strict rules and sales requirements, but because I had so many posts and product links to Amazon, I had to stick it out.


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Marlinda1 Premium
Hey Jenny!
Congratulations! I also did not make the first sales the first time I signed up for Amazon. The interesting thing is that one of the posts from my old site started to rank for w/e reason and reactivated the old Amazon account. So now I have two! lol.

Enjoyed reading your progress and hope that you continue to persevere through all of your challenges. Keep up the good work! :)
Jenny28 Premium
Thank you Marlinda.
GJBDJC Premium
Great job, Jenny,

I know my first attempt came down to the last 7 days and I was sweating it. Got 4 though and I was thrilled.

Jenny28 Premium
That’s awesome Glenn, no more pressure now from Amazon.
DavidKellas Premium
Yeah Jenny, I just got my sister to purchase 5 sales from amazon under my affiliate link and got accepted, hehe :)
AlexEvans Premium
Persistence pays off, moving forward, there are plenty of opportunities​ to affiliate for more program's.

Best wishes Jenny.
Jenny28 Premium
Thank you.
JackieSmith Premium
Your perseverance paid off Jenny. Well done.

It seems like it is only Amazon USA that has these rules regarding sales. I signed up to Amazon UK and made a few sales but nothing for a while now as I'm concentrating my efforts on another website.

I wonder if I signup to Onelink if that rule will apply to my site.
Jenny28 Premium
Hi Jackie, thank you. It is my understanding that with Onelink you have to make 3 sales for each country you apply to.