First Few Weeks at WA

Last Update: October 21, 2014

I've been a member about 2 or 3 weeks. I was working on it daily and making good progress up until last week when a friend had an emergency and I had to take a few days off. Anyways, I've created a website ( and have a few posts up. I haven't made any money yet (I don't think I'm that far in the process at this point) but I'm glad of how the website looks and the logo I created. I'm hoping to get many more posts up over the next two weeks and start to see some significant traffic to the site.

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VitaliyG Premium Plus
Very beautiful looking site! The content is starting to come together and this is something you'll need to focus on entirely moving forward. As you progress and keep adding it, I have no doubt you will soon start to amass a great following and consistent visitors!
bluexoxo Premium
Your website is clear, concise and inviting! I love it! Much success to you!
Marith Premium
First of all, great niche ( I own a bar in real life ). I like the way you write, very readable, straight forward and easy to read and understand. Your website looks great and the logo is amazing.
You have come a long way in the few weeks you have been here, and sometimes life happens, and we have to take a break. That happens to a lot of us, so take the time you need to help your friend.