A Positive Attitude Leads To Success!

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The Power of Positive Thinking.

How often have you heard the expression “the power of positive thinking”?

Well, it is not just an expression – it does have power – and is inextricably tied to developing and maintaining a positive attitude.

I am, fortunately, married to a great guy who always has a positive attitude. First thing in the morning, he looks at himself in the mirror and says: “I can choose to have a good day or a bad day. I choose to have a great day”.

Thus, his attitude is set for the day! I do the same, of course.

Attitude Is A Conscious Choice

Starting the day right reinforces the fact that attitude is a conscious choice.

So, it is about seeing the glass as half full not as half empty.

Also, there is a very old story that illustrates the difference between a positive and negative attitude. It is The Shoe Story.

"Many years ago, two salesmen were sent by a British shoe manufacturer to Africa to investigate and report back on market potential.

> The first salesman reported back, There is no potential here - nobody wears shoes.

> The second salesman reported back, There is massive potential here - nobody wears shoes.

This demonstrates so very well the huge difference between a negative attitude and a positive attitude.

Because, the salesman with the negative attitude only sees the problems and disadvantages. In contrast, the salesman with the positive attitude sees the immense opportunities and benefits.

The Foundation For Success.

A positive attitude is certainly the foundation for success in life and in business. This, coupled with one other quality that is vital: persistence!

The most successful people will tell you that success and failure go hand-in-hand.

So, you should not view a failure negatively but, in a positive light.

Consider it to be a learning experience and move on to the next thing. Thus, your persistence is brought into play here. And with persistence and the right attitude, you can keep on moving towards your success.

Try to choose a positive attitude for yourself at the beginning of each day.

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A great post Jenni. Thank you. So very true our perspective and attitude makes all the difference to how our days work out.

Like you and your husband, starting each day in a positive way is a great way to live.
Stay blessed

Thank you Tracy. Stay positive.

Absolutely wonderful blog and so very true. !! Thank you for sharing. It definitely is reminder how to start your day.💯

Hi Deb, always good to try and start your day with a positive outlook.

I love this post, Jenni! I am so happy that you and your husband are doing so well! That makes a lot of difference in our lives! Keep succeeding!


Great to hear from you, Jeff. I've been sorely absent over the past couple of months with my community theater work. I'm looki8ng forward to the summer break from that.

Thanks, Jenni! I know you have been busy with the theater, and that is a very Great thing, indeed!


Having a positive attitude is so helpful in life. It frames how we see everything. Great pic of the two of you!


Thanks so much, Susan. I'm so lucky to have so many positive friends here at WA.

Wonderful couple role model
Lovely connecting with you again
Having a positive attitude is always ace!

Simone, so lovely to be back. I've been absent for a couple of months as I've been directing and acting in a play. It's been a mighty task and we're in our final week of production now.

You were missed :)
Hope all is well with you

An outstanding post Jenni!

Being positive in all that we do can certainly make a huge difference between success and failure!

Positivity, consistency and persistence is what we all need to be able to succeed in all aspects of life my friend!

Great read, and I wish you much continued success for the future!

Thanks so much, Jessie. I am positively happy that you stopped by. Much success to you, too.

You're most welcome my friend and very much appreciated!

You have written a good post that many should read. Thanks for publishing.

You two are a great-looking couple -- loved the picture.

Thanks Fran, Good to hear from you and thanks for the compliment.

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