KNOW what you want and you will ACHIEVE more.

Last Update: August 21, 2014

How many of you have been trying to figure out what it is you really want in life? Are you spending more time on your chair thinking than actually doing,in order to get what you want in life?

There are a lot of things that we certainly do with ease, in order to achieve something. A good example is trying to get to a person's house for the first time. All we need is a map, or as many are now using, a GPS. ( Is still like using my very reliable Melway Map, though). What step did we do to achieve this? First, we use a GPS or a map. Then we listen to what this voice on this little gadget is telling us; or we use our eyes and brain, effortlessly, to look at the map. Simple, nothing rocket science about this.

Let's take a step forward. When something bigger in life is inspiring us to get it, then that's when we stop and think. We stop and think, we stop and think, etc. We realize, we've been stopping and thinking, nearly half of our lives. Ouch! Then we describe our daily lives or jobs as 'mundane'. Ouch, again!

When I see now that I've reached this far being a nurse, I said, 'wow, I've actually achieved something.' The again I look at something else, and i say 'I wish I did this years ago.' No, yesterday is gone - everything else is NOW. I want my blogging to be a success, so I can be a better writer, so that I can write a book when I'm ready. That's a goal. To earn money is the reward.

So what do I do now in order to achieve my goal? I have to re-affirm to myself that this is actually what I want to achieve. In short, KNOW what I want.

Meanwhile let's all try to accomplish these important steps while we're here at WA:

1. Invest in WA to create a website.

2. Learn from the courses and apply them in your online business.

3. Attempt to blog and share.

4. Read others blogs and learn from them.

5. Watch video trainings in-between. Then write notes on where you struggle, and what you've actually learned during the day. Then move on to improving your site.

6. Set a day and time for helping newbies and others. Don't ever be anxious about this. Help if you can help. Your priority is still your own life, family, your job and your business.

7. Research on what you really need. Don't be tempted to deviate from this. If you can blog and share, then just do it.

8. Take breaks. Set aside time and space only for your website. Nothing else.

9. Exercise, and have a good time with family and friends. You deserve this.

10. You are the master of your own fate, so the saying goes. There is however, a Spiritual Being that will help you navigate through your daily challenges in order to overcome your struggles. Have faith and leave your worries to Him.

Whatever you have accomplished today in order to reach your goal, then that's already an achievement.



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JeanR Premium
Thanks Jen. Awesome post, ..
Fannetta Premium
Great article! Thanks!
Lovely post Jen,
We all need a solid reminder on what we need to do to reach our goals and live life the way we want. All 10 points were truthful and accurate. Will star this blog for a constant reminder on moving forward and taking action and not just thinking about it.

Great blog! Thanks so much!

mackiejw Premium
And then, on the eleventh day, you may get some rest. But don't overdo the resting. 30 minutes are plenty :-)
Jen090 Premium
Hahaha. wish we have 11 days! Nice to see you again, John.
mackiejw Premium
cookma54 Premium
Jen090 Premium
Thaks cookma54, i hope you're issue with the HTML code underneath comment section is over.