Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Last Update: March 15, 2016

Few weeks in wealthy affiliate, I make it my goal to compile success stories of members in the WA community.

3 Reasons Why It Almost Become My Obsession:
  • To inspire me
  • To inspire you (yes I know somehow fate will bring you here and you will find this post)
  • To ask you to share you own success story in the future when success starts rolling in.

Funny but I found both success and failure contagious.

When you hang-out with the complainers and whiners, you also learn to whine.

When you hang-out with the shakers and movers, you see what is possible and you realize that success is only a few clicks, few blogs and few months away.

Enjoy the stories and keep on going. And when your success starts coming, share your success story here too. Just send me a note.

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BarbJaeb Premium
love it! Whiners and complainers are drainers! If you hang with them long enough, they will drain the life right out of you!
Positive people, or "movers and shakers", will nourish the soul and help you grow and blossom into another positive person ready to spread the love!
Ericabried Premium
Thanks for sharing these motivating posts.
AlexEvans Premium
It is really motivating to see success stories, thank you for sharing.
jeffvelmonte Premium
You are welcome! :)
JamesBB Premium
Success stories are very motivating, but what is most motivating is your own success.
jeffvelmonte Premium
Hi James,
Agree. For the mean time, while new members are still building their own success story, they need inspiration from others.
TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Yes Wealthy Affiliate does really work when we work it.
jeffvelmonte Premium
Good point Tony! :)