Wednesday Was Wonderful & WAwarding!

Last Update: Mar 29, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Tuesday evening when I went over to Monica's house to look at something she was describing that she wanted to have done to the fence for the Blog Dogs, I was also able to stay for a visit and have dinner with everyone. That was really nice.

It was quite a surprise. We also sat out on the deck and chatted some more, and I captured a couple of images of Shadow the Blog Dog.

He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. Anyway, the interactions with everyone allowed for the rest of that evening to be more productive, and when I slept, it was very pleasant.

I got up around 7 am and got right to business in the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

This time, that did not take as long as I thought it would.

Kitty assisted me momentarily, and then went off to prowl around some more.

When I was done with that, I went outside and captured a few images of the new day, including the title image.

It was only 32 degrees at that time, but the sun made it feel more tolerable.

I was happy about the developing day, so far.

Shortly after that, Monica called me and we talked for about an hour. I let her go soon after that since I had a locksmith job to go look at and do, if I was able to.

The drive over to the job site was pleasant.

I only snapped a couple of images of that though.

When I got to the job, I had expected it to be a normal commercial thumb turn on a door that needed replacing. It wasn't that.

It was an old antique mortise lock on an old wooded back door. I had worked on this same lock about 20 years before. I improvised and got the job done though and got paid $75 for my trouble.

In our websites or physical jobs, we must remain resilient and diligent in our tasks.

I captured another image of the late morning sun when I arrived back at the eBay house after completing that job.

I then ventured inside, and made myself a late breakfast / early lunch with a plain old hamburger. I needed something fast.

There was another short run-through of the WAC, since I knew it would not be too long before I would hear from my buddy Kevin on his way to work at the railroad.

He finally called, and I captured a couple more images of the late afternoon.

We were at 56 degrees at this point.

Then there was more green coming in too.

Then finally another Robin.

Working some more on my writing has taken little precedence today, and because of that, it has been moving a bit slow over the last couple of days since I have not had as much time as I had hoped because of the property issues still being experienced at the warehouse complex.

There are still plans for me to work on it tonight some more, and that will be the bulk of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of this Hump day! Kitty will likely assist with that too.

This post is getting published earlier than usual because I am not sure when I will be back. If there is anything else major to report, I'll write another post for it, but I think it will just be me conferring with Tommy Williams and Matt on what to proceed with next.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


It did warm up really nicely yesterday. It's funny you mentioned a robin and I have a funny story for you too.

So, Landon and I got up a little earlier yesterday and so I decided to drive him to school. On the way we have to drive through town, and he looked out the truck window and saw a pigeon as we drove. He yells out of nowhere "hey there is CHUBS"!
Well, you can imagine I'm flabbergasted about his remark! So, I proceeded to ask who is "CHUBS"?
Apparently, he has a pigeon he believes follows him to his second hour class because that is when he sees him every day. Now he thinks "CHUBS" his following him around watching him lol.

Kevin and Son

Funny and So cute!


It's funny you never know what will come out of a kid's mouth.

Kevin and Son

That is totally awesome, Kevin! Landon is Great, my friend! Loved it!

Hope you both have a Great Thursday too!


You too my good sir!

Kevin and Son

Right about that, Kevin!


Thank you, Kevin! So far, so good!



Looks like you had a wonderful, full schedule in KC.
Nice to see that you had dinner with Monica.
She is a wonderful relationship to have.

Glad all of your WA celebs are having the time of their life.
Kitty is still on the A-list.
Happy hump day.

p.s. CA is holding it down

It was very nice, indeed, Rachele! For the most part she is.

We are all doing the best we can, my friend.

I hope you HUMP day was Happy too, and it is good to hear that California is still holding everything down.


Hey Jeffoi! My work beat me this time, I didn’t wake up until every one was already fast asleep!
Now I just woke up had coffee then went to WAC! It’s nice to work when everyone is asleep, even the dogs. It feels like you are free to think!

Another interesting incident of your day Jeffoi!
Is the picture of Monica in the bedroom signifying something? 😇

Blog dogs are happy!

You have a winning weather! It’s 29 degrees over here!

Maria 🌹

Not really, but we did have a pleasant few hours that evening, and her and the kids brought by Taco Bell to me while Samantha was practicing driving most of the afternoon, Marioi. The afternoon and evening for me was a mixed bag, but I'll get through it all by the grace of God!

Sorry that it got colder for you again!

Happy Thursday!


As I was planning to do some gardening stuff, because the presence of the sun is deceiving, the temperature goes way down!
And this morning was a frost that had stamped the cold freezing temperatures !

You win again Jeffoi! Kansas weather rules!!!

Maria 🌹

Haha, Marioi! I am sorry, but it you really want to do some yard work, you can come down here and do all of mine if you want!

Jeffoi 🙄🤣


You’ll be next on my list Jeffoi!!!

Maria 🌹

Haha, Marioi! I'll be waiting with baited breath! 🤣🤣


Yes, Jeffoi!!!!


You Betcha, Marioi!

🤜🏻🤛🏻. 😎. 😂🎶🦅


Hey Jeffoi! I still need your review on my new website please! 😊

I tend not to review sites, Marioi, but PM me the link.


Just did Jeffoi!

Thanks, Marioi!

Thanks Jeffoi!

Morning Jeff.

That's a nice picture of Monica. She looks far more relaxed and happy at home than she did at the medical centre. I guess we are all on edge when seeing the Doctor and the like. Returning to work will lift her spirits too.

The Blog Dogs are doing great - kool.


Good day, Paul!

Yes, Monica seems more relaxed. The Blog Dogs are Great, and I am a bit more relaxed! I hope you have been able to make the rendezvous with your princess! Enjoy!


I'm pleased you are more relaxed Jeff. Great news about the Blog Dogs - chuck 'em a bone each from me.

Dotta dash soon as need to visit town to pick a few things up.

Laters Jeff.

Thanks, Paul! I'll give them one!

Have an excellent day!


Nice one Jeff - chuck in a ball too. A bone and a couple of balls will always do the trick!


Oh, they have all kinds of toys over there, Paul!


Hi Jeff,
I'm glad to come back to you.
An interesting new short story here.
I've heard of troubles, I can't escape them either.
When I think it's easy, then something comes up that I didn't think about and it messes up my whole day.
But there are also beautiful moments like the ones you captured, and taking care of puppies is pleasant.
With respect

We all experience these kinds of things, Vasile!

It is how the outcome ends that is most important, my friend!


That's nice

Thanks, David! 😎👍

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