Tuesday's Terrifically Terrific Toil & Travails!

Last Update: Sep 19, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I briefly talked to Monica in the evening, found out that she escaped jury duty, and then I worked on the computer some more before finally deciding to go to bed!

Just as I was going to sleep, my Mom finally called from Alaska! It has been a huge change for her, and there have been several snafus, and there are still several things to be resolved, but at least she is safely there.

There will be more updates on her situation as she gets settled in. I wish her well.

After a good night's sleep. I got up a little later than usual, and then got right down to business in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

It is the absolute best way to start each new day, in my opinion!

Kitty decided to join in again. She has been "Kitty on the Spot" lately. With the Blog Dogs residing back at home where they are much better off, she has been towing the line!

When I got the morning foray into the WAC completed, then it was time to go outside and take some images of the new day too, including the title image.

Today, we might make it into the 80s, but it is starting to cloud over since there initial images were taken.

We were in the low 60s when I ventured outside.

I decided to capture one last image before heading back inside the eBay house to get back to work.

OOPS! I should have remembered, since Humphrey rapidly appeared and then vanished just as quick. It will, after all, Be another HUMP Day tomorrow! See, above!

It was then time to head back inside and get back to work. The week is already starting to fly by.

Since the current day has been a bit slow, I had an inspiration to write another blog post on my book promotion site.

It wasn't too long, but I was pleased with what I came up with, and it accomplished my recent goal of starting to write a post a day on my book site. No, they are not epic tomes like some, but I am pleased with the result.

Then, I had to leave to go look at a lock for someone.

When I ventured outside the second time, the day had rapidly changed! It was windy and cloudy.

If it keeps up like this, we might get a storm.

The Flag across the street was active too!

Driving to the estimate (not too far away) was nice enough too.

When I got finished with that, then I decided to run a quick errand, since I was not too far away.

Once, I was leaving there, I captured a better image of the gloomy sky. There just might be a storm, but we can't hold our breath--after all, this IS Kansas!

It will be interesting to see what ultimately transpires. (I am Happy that Humphrey arrived before all of this developing mayhem!)

When my buddy Kevin called on his way to work at the railroad in Nebraska, and I went outside, the weather has taken another turn.

Welcome to Kansas! We experience this all the time, for the most part.

The sky still showed that the ominous weather could still be close at hand though.

The potential storm is still lurking around behind those clouds--make no mistake.

I finally got hold of the Realtor that had me do the estimate yesterday, and I will text her the estimate later this evening!

After I post this, the rest of the evening will be spent on other tasks barring anymore locksmith work.

I might or might not hear from Monica, so that remains to be seen. Either way, I will be back on the computer later in the evening!

The sun did come back out later though.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


I hope your Mom enjoys Alaska, Jeff. That is one of the few states I have not been to. Good luck with your daily post on your Kindle book website. I'll have to go out and check it out. It has been a couple of weeks.
Happy Hump Day, and have a fantastic week ahead!
Regards, Matt

Thanks, Matt! I am sure she will since my much younger Sister is up there, and she has three young Grandkids to enjoy, as well.

I just decided that if I could post a blog here daily for over three years, then why not there too! We shall see how it goes. It is not only a book promotion site, but also an opinion and advice site too, so we shall see how it goes.

Happy HUMP Day! 🐫 I hope your new week has been going very well so far!


Greetings from CA, Jeffrey.

Thanks for sharing the Wealth (the WA treasure chest) , the pics, the content, "Kitty on the spot," and Humphrey.

Oh, I have one dumb question to ask, does Humphrey have a tale/tail?
We are having good weather thus far. My Florida group is doing OK, too.

Glad that your mom landed safe and sound. Hallelujah!

Happy Tuesday!

He likely does, Rachele, but he never stays long enough for me to check!

She has been up there three weeks already. I knew she would be very busy, so I simply waited to hear from her!

Happy HUMP Day!🐫


I'm glad to hear your Mom is settling in up there, Jeff! Sounds like you've been keeping busy. Always good to see Kitty assisting. She must be enjoying her space again, even though I'm sure you miss the BDs. Congrats on the writing. All your efforts will surely pay off! I hope you have a great evening!

Susan 🐶😹🐶

Me too, Susan. She is still as cranky up there as she was in Texas, but she will have to adapt in this day and age. I miss the BDs, but am glad that they will not suffer another cold winter here at the eBay house.

I hope my writing efforts pay off, but I will keep taking days one at a time!

I have to go to the shop house later, and then after that, will come back and enjoy a pleasant evening too! I hope that you do, as well!


Tally another Tuesday in the trials and tribulations of technical tolls!

Happy day Jeff!

Thanks, Mike! Nice alliteration! Keep succeeding!


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... "Milton Berle"

Yes, indeed, Mike, and much appreciated!


Happy 🐫 Evening, Jeff!

I'm glad your mother arrived safely.

Other events seem to have their own regular course.

Be well, many greetings to you.
Slavka 👋

Thanks, Slavka! She has a long way to go before she is completely settled up there though.

My other day's events are just like you said! Hope you have had a Great one!


50% - 50%
The last two days I have been getting some bad information. Honestly Jeff, I just wish I had the strength to help everyone.
I don't have time to dedicate myself and to catch a good rhythm. I'm having trouble sleeping again and I'm not 100% productive.
Bad period again.

Good night, Jeff.
I will try to watch some movie 🎥

Tomorrow is new day, better day I hope.

Slavka 👋

I'm very sorry to hear that, Slavka! Take a deep breath and get some good sleep, and try to remember that you can't help everyone, you have your limits!

With that in mind, try to sleep well this evening! The movie watching works well for me, so try it!


Thank you for advice, Jeff.

Be well, greetings.
Slavka 👋

You're very welcome, Slavka! You will feel much better!


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