Thursday's Travails Try The Temper!

Last Update: Sep 29, 2022

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept fairly well, but still woke up a bit tired. Oh well, I needed to get back into the grind of another new day that I was blessed to wake up to!

Kitty decided to stay in bed since the temps were around 46 degrees at the time. I don't blame her. I jumped into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

I got those posts looked at answered in relatively short order, and then watched some more Hurricane Ian news! My prayers go out to all of those affected by that storm.

Next on the agenda was determining why my paperback keeps getting put back into draft after everything about it was done successfully. It is irritating since the email address they communicate with is so messed up, so I am awaiting a call from an Amazon representative to discuss giving them another viable email address to be able to communicate with them.

I checked on the Blog Dogs since they had been quiet too!

It seemed to me like they had the same idea as Kitty. They were snuggled on the ottoman. This was making me ready to go back to bed too!

It was then finally time for me to venture outside on a break, capture the title image and a couple of other images of the new day.

At that time, the temps were in the low 50s. Winter seems to be rapidly approaching!

Then I went back inside, and Amazon got back to me a few minutes later. I discovered that my back information on my paperback cover was contrasting with the cover image too much.

I am now busting my butt trying to figure out how to correct a SPINE issue with the text there! I would love to eliminate the spine text, truth be told. Of course, it was another learning experience, and I will be the better for it.

This has all been a part of my normal Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

We do learn something new every single day. If, I am lucky, I will also crank out, or at least start, another blog post for my book promotion website too!

I rode the motorcycle over and dropped the keys off for the lock that I replaced the cylinder in for my broker, so that was accomplished as well! The partial image (image issues are still ongoing) was when I got back from there.

I also went back and worked some more on the book situation. It will likely take more time than I want it too, but that is sometimes how it goes.

Then, I fed the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day, after preparing myself a hamburger.

They love it when they have the hamburger dripping on their food. Sorry about that image too!

Tommy called, and I will be heading to the warehouse soon to discuss solutions and courses of actions that we need to take to keep Sylvester gone for good from there.

I also have an appointment with the VA (Veteran's Administration) representative at 4:30pm, so that will cut a lot of time away from here on the platform until later.

With that, in mind, I will be publishing this post a lot earlier than usual!

Rest assured though, that when I get back later, I will be on the computer working diligently again on all of my various projects! I knew that I would have to make an appearance at the warehouse again to get the ball rolling, though!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Hey, Jeff

Much like your morning, I couldn't believe it when I got out of bed, looked at my watch, and saw that it was 45 degrees outside! I had to find a heavy long sleeve shirt in a hurry!

I'm not really complaining about the weather, and I feel so bad for the poor victims of the Florida hurricane.

The last big hurricane in Rhode Island was way back in 1938! My parents remembered it well. My mother had a dress shop on the third floor of a large building downtown, so she escaped water damage.

Stay Warm!

We're at 71 degrees now, Frank, but it was COLD this morning!

I wore an insulated hoodie!

Yes, my prayers for all of those in Florida, my friend!

Wow, 1938! You guys are lucky too!

Warming up now!


Yeah, Rhode Island doesn’t have much on the cultural and entertainment front, but we seem to be immune to natural disasters.

It’s currently 63 degrees at 2 PM, so much better. 😎

I'd take that trade-off any day of the week, Frank!

Wonderful weather that you are having it sounds like!


Have you sorted out your book situation, Jeff? Perhaps you should escalate this to upper management ("Shadow"). Let Amazon know you mean business!

Hope you and the crew are ready for Frisatsu! 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

Haha, Isaiah! I'm submitting the revised cover one more time, and then I will have to reach out to them again!

The crew and I are chilling ight now!

Happy Frisatsu! 😎🐶😹🐶


Hi Jeff, I do hope you get this Amazon issue sorted, they are so picky. I myself am starting to steer away from Amazon and introduce other affiliate programs onto my site, feal more at ease about this as well. Kitty almost seems like she's smiling, wow. Well, you have a great weekend, take care.

Brian, I am not an Amazon Affiliate! I publish my books on their KDP platform where I get 60-70% royalties. The problem I'm having requires time to communicate with them.

Kitty can be ornery one day and happy the next.😹

Happy Frisatsu!


Hi Jeff,
You are an encouragement to me through the tenacity with which you fight to move things forward.
I see here so many habits that must become completely automated.
I'm also starting to pay attention and take pictures, but I haven't included it in the WA blogs yet.

Hey, Vasile!

Thank you once again for the kind words, my friend.

Keep progressing forward like you have been, my friend!


We do learn new things every day, Jeff, even if it only how resilient we can be in the face of adversity.

I do hope your book issues are sorted out soon and the warehouse problems as well.

Into Friday AM here, still cloudy, but we did not get the rain that they thought we would when Noru went by, though they had plenty in the north and all of that water is making its way south.

Thankfully we are not in its pathway.

You are sure right about that, Alex!

I hope the book issues are sorted out soonm, and I am sure they will be!

I hope you get some of the water, my friend!

It is a good thing that you are not in the Pathway!

Try to have a Happy Frisatsu!


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