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Last Update: Sep 23, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

First of all, this is a quick recap of last night late. When Monica got off last night, she called and asked if a Sonic Blast trip was still on tap for the evening. She had to go pick up Samantha from working at the concession stand during the high school football game there, and then they both picked me up. The title image says it all.

She ordered Sonic Blasts for us, Samantha opted for an ice cream cone.

We sat there while eating and talking. I will be seeing Samantha again tomorrow afternoon, since I am taking her and Jacob to the skating rink and picking her up later since Monica works until 4:30 this evening, although Monica might pick them up instead.

When she dropped me off, I snapped a quick image of her. Then I went inside, watched a movie, and then fell asleep quickly! A Sonic Blast can do that to you!

I slept very well, and then woke up around 5:45 am, and quickly got down to business in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

That has always been the best way for me to start a new day!

I gave Kitty the day off, since I will be having a lot going on today! I found her on the bed, and took some pity on her this time around.

She will be back at the first of the week, unless she decides to slack off a little more.

When I finally finished the morning foray, I went outside to a mild day and took a few early images of the new day!

I was amazed by how much I had gotten done in the day after an extra early start to the day.

So far, it was about the same as yesterday, although, so far there had been no rain yet.

We were only in the mid 70s! I hope we don't get any higher for the day!

Then it was back to work on the computer while listening to some college football!

I had about an hour to complete this, but then I would need to go pick up both Samantha and Jacob!

Looking at the time, I first headed over to the locksmith shop house, which was on the way over t the house that I used to live in with all of them.

The drive over there was surprisingly pleasant!

I did what I needed t do the Locksmith Shop house, and then it was time to go over to the house to pick up the kids!

Surprisingly, they were both skinny enough to fit in the front seat of my truck!

We chatted for awhile on the way over to the skating rink, and then I dropped them off there, and it was time to head back to the eBay house. They were the last two in line!

I texted Monica the images to let her know that the kids were there safely. She gets off at 4:30 today.

When I get back to the eBay house, I got busy getting this post finished.

Monica responded that she was glad they got there! I was too!

Then I went back outside a little later had noticed that the cloud cover was almost all gone.

The sun was shining as I captured two more images of the rapidly changing day!

This was a prime example of how quick the Kansas weather changes with each passing minute.

One could probably wait another five or ten minutes, and then it would look like another thunderstorm was headed our way!

I will be finishing this post off soon. I didn't have enough time to write another post for my book promo site, but I have one in draft, so I am not complaining. It is Frisatsu, after all.

There is no telling what will happen for the rest of the day, but I will be checking out the Kansas State game this evening though.

Samantha was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures of the BLOG DOGS, so that was nice too! This was from earlier in the day.

Shadow, above, and Star Below.

I miss them both, but know that they are in a better place!



'Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


I wonder which would be more challenging for Samantha? The high school concession stand or Sonic?

Good to see the dogs are in good hands. She has a niche for getting good images of those two.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday! 😎🐢🐱🐢

Isaiah πŸ™‚

Neither, Isaiah. She likes them both! She gets credits in school for working concessions, and she makes her money at Sonic.

She is very adept at getting them to pose most time when the Big Dog isn't there.

Mine has been too relaxing. I might have to go do a little yard work or something to break the monotony up. We shall see! 🐢😹🐢😎

Happy Sunday!


Looks like you had another hectic but nice weather day again Jeff!

Get some rest in today though buddy, you don't want to get burnt out now!!


Doing just fine on this Sunday, Nick! Hope you are too!


Very happy to hear that Jeffrey and I actually managed to get in rare nap this afternoon if only for 40 minutes or so!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday portion my friend!

Haven't had my nap yet, but it will be forthcoming, Nick!

I have absolutely no doubt about that Jeffrey!

Just try not to wake up next to any strange household objects my friend!!


Good morning Jeffoi!
The rain and thunderstorms may go your way after finishing their business over here!

It’s getting colder day by day over here! As a matter of fact, our heat is on! And I brought in some of the plants ????

Enjoy your fantastic Sun-YAY!

Maria 🌹

We will likely have no rain today (Sunday) and will be in the mid 80s all week. Not too bad right now, Marioi!

I will! Happy Sunday to you too!

Jeffoi πŸ™

Glad you had a good Saturday. So did I. Finally got that LONG book proposal done except for one section. I can't figure out how to make it work. A friend who is a computer whiz is coming over tomorrow to see if she can figure it out. Yay!

Now the day is passing by, and it's almost time for Mocha's dinner. It was a beautiful day here today, so he was outside for about 3 hours, then came in and crashed for a long afternoon nap.

So happy to have that proposal just about complete!

You will definitely figure out a way, Fran.

Days seem to pass by these days as if they are mere minutes.

Keep doing what you do, and remain happy doing it.


Ain't it the truth? Horrible, to have your days numbered in minutes because everything goes by so fast. Oh, well, so be it...

Minutes are what we live by, Fran. But I totally agree!


Great post, Jeff! It is always nice to see the photos of the blog dogs having a great time.

Have a great Saturday evening!

Myra πŸ’œ

Thanks, Myra! Samantha sent me those!

I hope your day went well, and that you have a pleasant evening too!


That's great that she did that, Jeff!

So far she good so I can't complain about mine. :)

Have a very great evening ahead and goodnight!

Myra πŸ’œπŸ˜Š

She does her best to keep me in the loop, Myra!

I hope your day finished well ad that you have a Happy Sunday!


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