Sound Sleep & Superb Sunday Sojourns & Successes Seemed Surreal!

Last Update: Mar 19, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I was sleeping very soundly when my phone rang, and it was Monica. As we talked, I finally climbed out of bed ahead of schedule since the temperature outside was only 14 degrees, and Kitty and I had been sleeping so soundly.

Once fully awake, and still talking to her, I jumped right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get a good jump start on the burgeoning new day! No surprise there, of course.

Kitty, for the time being, decided to remain in bed. I don't blame her. If I had the choice, I would too!

Eventually, Monica departed for work, so I got back down to business! She'll likely call later too.

I also have great news! I finished Kindle Vella Episode #15, and thus the first entire Kindle Vella story that I have now written.

I will write a post on my book promotion website to discuss this, and what my next steps will be. This will consist of the bulk of my Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

I just published it a while ago!

I am so excited, and will start a new Kindle Vella story soon!

Then I will await the obligatory 30 days and turn my first Kindle Vella story into both an eBook and a paperback, so stay tuned!

Now was the time that I needed to venture outside and capture images of the new day.

We are now at 29 degrees when these images were taken, including the title image too!

Even though it is cold, the images are wonderful.

I was surprised that it did not feel as cold outside as the temperature read, largely due to the sun being out!

This was a very positive development, indeed.

Nevertheless, when I ventured back inside I immediately revived last night's fire, to keep the eBay houses temperature up.

The initial start of the fire was a success. I have some logs ready to go to continue to feed it throughout the day.

I re stoked it, and it started going much better after that!

I am doing my best to burn up some branches, etc., with the advent of Spring.

Then, I also managed to finish the blog post on my book promotion site too! I am stoked with my productivity level for today, so far! I now have to think up the story title and create a cover for it for my next Kindle Vella foray. This might extend my Kindle Vella experiment further.

Since my buddy, Kevin is off today, I went outside and captured some afternoon images of this cold Sunday, anyway.

We were now at 39 degrees, quite surprisingly!

Heck, we might even exceed that, though it certainly wasn't in the forecast for today! Gotta love the Crazy Kansas weather!

My mother called me and her and I chatted for about half an hour, so that was nice.

Blog Dog Update:

Samantha sent me a couple of pictures of them today!

They seem to be doing very well over at their home, and I am very happy about that.

I am very pleased.

Monica also called me at her lunch break and we chatted some more for twenty minutes.

Now that my Kansas State Wildcats have beaten the Kentucky Wildcats to advance to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, I will now go run my errands for the day!

When I get back from that, the rest of my evening will be spent on the phone and the computer! Also, of course, getting ready for the new week too!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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I have fire pit outside I like to burn the scrapes from cleaning up the bushes or, cut offs of wood from one of my projects, with a beer while watching the sun set. However we had wind, rain and snow last night so it was cuddle up inside with my guitar night last night.

Good to see ya again and that your book project is moving along in positive and productive direction.

The Zam Man

I like doing this too, Zam man!


Sounds like a great end to another Frisatsu Jeffrey!

Happy to see the BD's look to be enjoying themselves back at home and many congratulations on your writing progress!!

Have a fantastic start to the new week my friend!


It was, indeed, Nick! I hope yours ended that way too!

I hope your start was excellent!


Thanks buddy!

No complaints on both fronts here!


I'm very glad to hear that, Nick!


Cheers my friend!


Thanks, Nick, and right back at you!


Always appreciated my good friend!


Same here, Nick!




I saw that score, Jeff - K state making the sweet 16. I don't know much about them as a basketball program. But it sounds like the football and basketball programs are both headed in the right direction.

By the look on his face in that picture, it looks like Shadow is up to his old shenanigans.

Hope you have a good week ahead! 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

I don't follow the basketball side as much as I used to, but that is going to change, Isaiah!

As for Shadow's expression, I agree, Isaiah, but they have settled in very well, and for that, I am ecstatic! 🐶😹🐶😎

You have an excellent new week too, my friend!


Morning Jeff.

This is sounding good news all round.

1. You're crushing Vella - well-done mate

2. The Blog Dogs look very happy in their new home

3. You wrote you're very excited about the Vella project

If a business venture excites you there's some mileage in it. Being really excited about a project is a very positive sign indeed.


Thanks, Paul! I already have the next Vella Story started. We shall see how that goes! Enjoy your new week, my friend!


Kentucky - K-State highlights. That 5"8" guard for K-State is a baller and fun to watch. They beat a very good Kentucky team. Not many teams do that. Sweet 16 it is with my Bruins in there. Good luck. This is where anyone can win any game.

That sun with 20F I cannot imagine that. Luckily no wind or that windchill would be cutting through leather coats. Have a good evening.

The dogs look tuckered out from all that lovin'. Great to see too.

It looked to me to be touch and go for a while but when you have Noelle as a 90% free throw shooter, that makes all the difference, David!

It actually felt warmer with the sun out for some reason, and if it is going to be cold than having the sun out is a bonus.

I am so pleased for the dogs though, my friend! I hope you have a pleasant evening, and an excellent start to the new week!


I shall. You as well.

Will do, David! Thank you!


Looks like Michigan State next game. I watched the highlights. K-Sate can beat them. My Bruins have TCU or Gonzaga, Halftime TCU up by 5, but Gonzaga is a second-half team.

Enjoy the week, happy to see your book is moving along.

I hope so, David! That would be awesome! You enjoy your evening, and the beginning of the new week! I have started the second Kindle Vella story already!


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