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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After a great afternoon on Sunday, also with my KC Chiefs winning and having a decent fire going, I decided to finish my post, put it up, and then retired to bed earlier than usual!

No regrets on that decision! I needed the rest and relaxation.

I got up. and was able to get the fire reignited, so that was a good thing, indeed!

Then it was time to venture into the Wealthy Affiliate Community once again!

Kitty had eaten, but then headed back to bed once again! I don't blame her! I would do the same thing if I could!

This morning, I had two locksmith jobs scheduled, but when I ventured outside to get the truck open and warmed up--the doors were frozen! We must have gotten down lower than I thought last night.

They are postponed right now after I called the proper parties, but it is still in my plan to get them done, hopefully this afternoon. We shall see.

I chatted with Mel Waller some this morning, along with Andy, an ex-girlfriend who called to check up on me, and that was nice too.

The temps went up and the sun helped out with that, and then I was able to get in and start the truck! I let it run for a while to warm up.

I captured another image of the new day while I was sitting in it.

Finally, it was time to go and do the locksmith jobs.

The drive over there was fairly quick, and the day was warming up slowly. Once there, I rekeyed 2 locks on the left building, and then four on the right building!

I was still quite cold, but I stayed the course and got it done! The empty store will be completely remodeled by a group of investors with the owner, who is the current Mayor of my town.

Above was a view out of one of the doors.

When I got those jobs finished, since I was close to the locksmith shop house, I went over there and checked the mail--it had been a few days since I had done that.

Once back at the eBay house, I called the customer and told him it was completed.

He came over later in the afternoon and collected the keys and gave me a check--just shy of $200. That really helped.

With the temps approaching I hauled in more firewood for the evening too, a lot of that is already inside.. I'll be out of the smaller stuff, so I have to contact my guy, and see if he can drop off some more because it will be bitter cold in the evenings for a bit.

Kevin is still off work for another day, I have not heard from Monica yet, and might not even hear from her at all today, either, but I will chat with my other this evening, so that will be nice.

Lo and behold though, Kevin ended up calling me after 3 pm! Wow. We chatted on the phone for about 30 minutes. After that, I talked with my mother for a little while too, so that part was taken care of,

Things could be better for her up in Alaska, but they could also be worse.

After I got off the phone with her, I fiddled around in one of my websites, for a while, but not much was truly accomplished there.

I will post this post before too long, and should remain on the computer for a while, although I will likely turn in early again for the chilly evening.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Good you can find moil marvelous...mine is not always so!

My vehicle doors freeze shut quite often. I keep a cat's paw right close to the door, and when the doors freeze shut, I pry them open with that. Works great!

Firewood is a neverending challenge. I've had lots of kindling and plenty of bigger pieces, but have been low on the medium-sized stuff that lights from the kindling and then gets the big stuff going. Yesterday a friend brought over a huge box of cedar pieces, measuring about 2 x 4 inches -- perfect!

Also, do you use "Timberlite" squares when you start your fire? They're little compressed squares that light easily and burn hot for 11 minutes. They are very helpful when you're getting the fire going.

Though I don't heat solely from wood, I'm glad for the education I got when I did...gee, hard for me to believe that at one time I cut all my own wood! Things are easier now, but the techniques stick with you.

I know what you mean, Fran, but that is where my primary income comes from.

I might have to use on of those too, but I'm not sure Kitty would be appreciative of it though. πŸ™€

I'm waiting for my guy to deliver his load, but I think his truck is broke down right now.

I burn up lots of old bills from several years ago. Gotta use what I have on hand.

I have two fire logs, that I will cut into chunks to light the fire when my kindling supply s very low. We have a long stretch ahead of us, so I must conserve.

That was a busy day for you, Jeff! But great to get the work I’m sure. It’s a serious adjustment with the sudden cold. I hope you stay warm! Have a good day!

Susan πŸ™πŸΆπŸ˜ΉπŸ‘‹

Fortunately the weather warmed up to 40 today, but there will still be some of that snow on the ground tomorrow! I caught another job today, as well, so that was good! Hope your day has been good too!

Jeff πŸΆπŸ˜ΉπŸΆπŸ™

I meant to remind you, Jeff - don't forget to start up your motorcycle too! πŸοΈβ„οΈ

Hope that's enough firewood to keep you warm for now πŸ”₯????????

Good to hear you have some locksmith work coming in! 😎🐢😹🐢

Isaiah 😊

Thanks, Isaiah! It is hooked to a trickle charger along with fuel stabilizer in the tank, my friend!

The firewood will last another day, but my wood guy is supposed to be delivering some more this afternoon! We shall see--Fingers crossed. 🀞😎🐢😹🐢

I lost a couple yesterday because of the weather and the time of day--I can't see at night!

I did make some money though!

Happy Tuesday!

Jeff πŸ₯ΆπŸŒž

Sometimes we just have to follow nature's advice. That big zzzz button is pressed and we must go to bed early.
Great news on the lock smith jobs. What with work coming in, the fire lit and a freezer full of steak - life is looking good.
Stay lucky, be happy.

Thanks, Bux. I agree. I did have to turn down two car unlocks though. The one in the morning was because my truck was frozen shut, and the lady's car was running. The other one was much later in the night, and since I'm night blind, and it was all the way across town. I talked the guy through it. I've unlocked them before. Things happen. They didn't have any means to pay either because they are in dire straights too. I'm sure they managed to get in.

I'll be lucky, and you have a Happy Tuesday!


I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as great as mine with family visiting from out of town and enjoying hmmm-hmmm good tasting food. But that is only the beginning: I just upgraded and feel very secure in having made this potentially life-changing decision. The nice thing about what I have done is that after taking some time to read many comments and inspiring testimonials, I am confident that the company of which I am now a part is a very supportive community.

Mine was, Joyce! I think yours was too, and upgrading in this grand adventure will only make it better for you, moving forward! Wise decision and best success to you here in WA!


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