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Last Update: Sep 18, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I will start this post with a recap of Monica and I's venture to Taco Bell when she got off work last night!

I knew that she was hungry, and I also knew that I could use a bite to eat too! Plus, I had not seen her for a couple of days, so that made it even better!

We got a lot of food again for the price! That's just my order, she had a lot too!

There was some good conversation while we were there, as well. When we left, and she dropped me back off at the eBay house, I captured a couple more images of her too!

I miss her so much, and wish we could solve our differences at some point.

Ah, well, as I always say, perseverance is key! The evening was a delightful end to another Frisatsu!

I went to bed shortly after I got back, and I slept very well too! I woke up around 6:30 am, and shortly thereafter was soon on the computer entering into the first week's foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

I will repeat, this is the best way for me to start any new day!

Since Kitty seems to have been more active over the past few days, she was in there again with me to assist! She has really been on the ball these last few days!

When I finally got through the morning foray on this first day of the new week, I went outside, to capture some images of the new start to the new week, including the title image.

Our temps at the time were in the mid 50s--quite pleasant!

I am not sure what we will rise to temperature-wise, but I will take what we get.

We shall see as the day progresses. (I found out later, that it might make the low 90s.)

Fall is rapidly approaching, and the Oak in the back is already having leaves turn brown.

Then, coming back inside, with no new work yet, I started writing another blog post for my book promotion site.

This is a place marker for the forthcoming post because, it was curtailed for a bit since I had to go do an estimate, and then to go and perform a locksmith job. When I got back, I finally got it done!

The first drive I did was to the bank, since I had a couple of checks to deposit!

After the bank (above), the drive over to the site was nice, since it is a beautiful day!

It was only a block away from the bank. I got the survey done, and will get back to the Realtor tomorrow! I have already told her my initial findings.

This was after I ventured over to the locksmith shop house to see what I had on hand.

While I was at the shop house, Monica called me too She was supposed to have worked today, but ended up getting stuck for jury duty. We will see how that ultimately turns out. At least her work is paying her for the missed day, so that was a good thing.

The drive back to the eBay house was nice too, but then I detoured for a couple of errands.

That was nice too.

I got right back down to business at the eBay house, but that was short-lived too!

That was located past the shop house, but the drive was still nice though. Can't beat the weather, but we are going to make it into the low 90s, it seems.

I drove over to a regular customer's location and "southern engineered" a lock that was malfunctioning.

She is selling the property and it is antiquated, so she was satisfied with what I did! i made a quick $40 on that, since she is a good repeat customer.

Now, I am back working on this post! There is still a lot of day remaining, so I will stay busy throughout as usual!

This post will likely be on time, and as usual, I will likely be back on the computer later, depending upon what else comes up for this late afternoon and evening.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty!

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Recent Comments


Some indifferences would exist at one point, and that’s the spice of life! It will be boring without that Jeffoi!

You’re doing very well with your locksmith biz!

I’m at work and doing a little WA when I can!

Have a relaxing evening Jeffoi!

Maria 🌹

Thanks, Marioi!

Have a good night at work, I'm heading back to bed! It has been a relaxing evening!


That’s a busy day, Jeff! And wow, your temps are still hot. Fall is quickly approaching though. I’ve seen plenty of reddish leaves lately. Glad you got out last night. I hope you can see her again tonight! Have a pleasant evening and hang in there, my friend.

Susan 🐶😹🐶

It was a bit warm today, but not too bad, Susan! Fall is definitely on its way though! I was glad I got to go with her last night, but sadly, not tonight.

I'll hang in there, Susan! You have a pleasant evening too!


Hi Jeff.
Great start - new week. 👍
I wish you great evening, Jeff.

Slavka 👋

Thanks, Slavka! I am pleased! I hope you had a GREAT start to the new week!


Well, not so good and productive like your start, Jeff.
But let's move on.
I'm not losing hope that at least the end of the week will be good. 😁

Are you going to dinner with Monica tonight?

Slavka 👋

We all have those days, Slavka! I feel like you will end up having a Great week when all is said done!


Thank you, Jeff. You are so kind.

Best to you my friend 🤗

Slavka 👋

Thank you, Slavka!

The best you, as well!



Slavka 👋

Have a pleasant evening, Slavka!


Good night, Jeff.

Slavka 💤😴💤

Sleep well, Slavka!

I think that I will too!


Sleep well and sweet dreams, Jeff.
Definitely I will try 💤💤💤💤💤💤💤

I will likely have sweet dreams, Slavka! That is all that I have many days!


Oh yeah, Jeff.
I guess I will try my best to have sweet dreams too.

Greetings, night Jeff.
Slavka 👋

Do your best, Slavka!

Sleep well!



<⁠(⁠ ̄~︶~ ̄⁠)⁠>



Thank you, Slavka!


You are most welcome, Jeffrey 🙏

Always appreciated, Slavka! 🙏 Here is to a better day tomorrow!



Slavka 👋

Greetings to you too, Slavka!


Low lap top battery, hope I get to the end of this reply.
Glad you are still persevering with Monica and I truly hope you can sort your differences, whatever they are. I tell you what, Jeff, you have a lot more patience with the fair sex than I do. Of course, its never my fault - is it.
If Jury duty is like it is over here, then she is going to need plenty of sympathy and many taco bells.
Its good to see that the work keeps coming in, long may it last.
That's it, old fruit, less than 7% battery left. Time to cut loose until I get to a charger.
A day out tomorrow if the weather improves.

I hope you do too, Bux!

This one will be my last hurrah, Bux! I have loved her ever since I met her over 20 years ago.

If they end up forcing her on the jury, she can claim economic hardship! I have attended jury selection at least seven times in my lifetime, and they have never yet seated me on one. Hmmmm!

I hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!


More rain stops more play.
Looks like its a work day now.

Sorry about the rain becoming an impediment, Bux, but we must embrace those rainy days as they allow us to do other tasks that we might have been putting off!

Happy Tuesday!


Because of the rain ... KFC for two tonight.

Well, that sounds good too, Bux!



Sounds like a decent way to start your week Jeff (except for the temperatures)!!

Great going on the paid jobs my friend and enjoy the rest of your Monday!


We won't have them for long, Nick!

Enjoy your Monday, as well!


I hope not Jeff! It's about time OWS went into hibernation!

Enjoy your HUMP day eve my friend and take care out and about as always!!


I agree, but it will come soon enough!

Have a Happy HUMP Day, tomorrow!


You too my friend!!


I plan too, Nick!




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