Finally First FEBRUARY Frisatsu

Last Update: Feb 3, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I slept a bit over this morning, but then it was 10 degrees outside, and it did not make me want to get out of bed.

After checking the fire, and deciding not to re stoke it since it is supposed to warm up to a decent temperature today, I tended to the Blog Dogs and Kitty, and then jumped right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

The morning session there went quite smoothly, even though Kitty, after eating, decided to go back to bed.

Monica also texted me that she would not be going to therapy today. I wish that she would, because she is making such wonderful progress. Nevertheless, that was not my decision, but hers!

I still went outside and warmed up the truck to keep the battery recharged. Unfortunately, there were no new locksmith jobs today, but I did deposit the check at the bank from yesterday's job.

The day was certainly nice enough for a quick drive on some errands that I needed to accomplish.

I believe that we almost reached 40 degrees today!

I also turned off the phone during what would normally be lunchtime to go and take a bath at Monica's since I also needed to fill up a couple of water jugs too. Right before I did that, I dropped the phone on the pavement and shattered the screen.

No matter, I need a new one anyway. It is what it is!

I arrived over there without incident. I love the house that I bought her, and still wished that I lived there. That is also the 12' X 24' deck I built on it when we got it in 2019.

I neglected to take a picture of her because I wasn't sure if the image loading would work today, but it did. Oh well. It was still good seeing her for about an hour though.

Then it was over to the locksmith shop house to check mail and other things.

Everything was satisfactory there, thankfully. Then there was one more errand to run, and then it was back over to the eBay house.

The temps were warming up quite nicely by that time.

The first thing that I did when I arrived there was to go inside, let the Blog Dogs outside, and then feed them their main meal of the day.

They were definitely ready for it, no doubt about that!

When I was done with that, I went back outside to sit in the truck for a while since the sun was beating on the glass warming things up quite a bit!

It was also about time for my buddy Kevin to call on his way to the railroad for work.

He did not disappoint once again.

While I was chatting with him on the phone, I also captured a couple of images of the afternoon sky!

We were quite warm by this time!

I was definitely not complaining on this Frisatsu Friday!

I am always so excited to have made it through another week. Then there is relaxation ahead!

I say that, but also realize that I have a lot more writing that needs to be done.

After I publish this blog post, I will be finishing up my Kindle Vella Episode #10 at long last. I made some good strides on it last night.

I still need to get another post on my book promotion website too, but I am not sure that will happen. No matter what ends up happening, this will be my abbreviated Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day!

I will also be roaming around in the Wealthy Affiliate Community over the evening, as well!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


That's okay about not getting out of bed, Jeff. 10 degrees will do that to all of us!

Hope you pick out a nice new phone to replace your cracked one. I usually end up spending a few dollars more for the protective casing around it, just incase I drop it. That's always worked for me.

Stay warm this weekend! 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 😊

Thanks, Isaiah!

I'll likely go out today or tomorrow to see what is available! I had a protective casing on mine for two years, this one just hit the pavement hard. Still working right now though.

I won't even need the fire on this Frisatsu! We will be in the 50s today and 60s for the next two! 🌞🐶😹🐶


Morning Jeff. The sun looks bright and big too. I hope it's not expanding yet. It's not supposed to happen for another 5 billion years! If it does it will destroy the earth for sure and it means I won't be able to catch up on your blog with my morning coffee.

Enjoy your Frisatsu Saturday Jeff.


Haha, and that would be the least of your worries, Paul!

Enjoy your Saturday portion of Frisatsu too!


Heh, Jeff. I know it's a long way off but it could be the way forward for a new niche. Heat resistance jackets or something like that.

Maybe not ;-)


🤔 You might be onto something there, Paul!


Hmmmm. Not so sure Jeff. I know I'm in this for the long haul but 5 billion years is a little long to wait for your first sale. Mind you it is enough time for Google to index my site heheheh.


Haha! Good one, Paul!


I was just thinking how fast time is flying too, Jeff! I’m glad you got some warmer temps but sorry about your phone. Hope you can get a new one soon. 🙏 I think on days like this, Kitty definitely has the right idea. Have a good evening!

Susan 🥶🐶😹🐶

I hope to get one in the next few days. The old one still works for now, Susan! Yes, Kitty definitely has the right idea!

Try and stay warm and have a pleasant evening!


Thank goodness it’s still operable. I will and you do the same! 👍🏻🙏🐶😹🐶🔥

Yes, indeed! I did too, Susan! Enjoy your Saturday!


You are declaring warm while we suffer the blustery wind and negative zero weather over by the northern part of the country. Right now we are on -5 and colder by the wind factor , and we have to brave this for 6 more weeks!!!!
Thank goodness for heated coat!!! Brrrr 🥶

Anyway, happy First February Frisatsumo Jeff!!! Throw that warmer weather over hear please!!!
Have your relaxing Frisatsu evening Jeff!

Maria 🌹

Yes, indeed, Maria! I am glad that I have that heated coat!

Hang in there, and I hope the cold weather abates very soon! Is Monday a holiday? That would definitely make this a Frisatsumo!

Have a pleasant evening!


Oh , I can only use that if Monday is a Holiday?
Ok, now I know ! 😂😂😂

Haha, Maria! Otherwise, Monday is a work day!


Sounds like we are finally getting your cold air here now. Wind chill is at -7 right now, guessing will be in the -20's by morning wind chill. My Arizona tempered blood can't handle this cold stuff.

Just curious, do you ever plan on getting back into the EBay full time again?



I'm very sorry to hear that, Jason! I would have suspected that it would be warmer there, m friend! Hang in there!


Oh, I'm in New England now. Was referencing my thinned out blood from decades of living in Az, hah hah.

Thanks :)

Ah, I see, Jason! Hang inthere, my friend!


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