Finally Fabulous FRIDAY Frisatsu Felt Fantastically Fine!

Last Update: Sep 8, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

First, a recap of Thursday after I posted:

Monica came to get me to go to Taco Bell!

I was very happy to see her!

The drive was also quite pleasant too!

We arrived shortly thereafter, and I was ready to eat.

I think that Monica was too!

Then the food came. WOW! There was quite a bit of it. I'll eat the taco on Friday!

After that, she took me back to the eBay house

I was sorry to see her go though, but such is life.

I talked to her the phone a while later, and then started listening to the Chief's game, and then fell asleep at some point.


I woke up a lot earlier than usual, and watched the Chief's replay, and to my dismay, they lost by a point, but it was still a good game! The Lions came to play!

I then jumped right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!

Everyone knows that is how I roll!

Kitty even graced me with her presence this morning too. That was a surprise. She looked very determined. Maybe she knows about the other cat outside now.

When I finished with the morning foray, I decided that it was time to head outside and captured some images of the new Friday portion of the newest Frisatsu, including the title image.

The temps were in the low 60s to start.

I suspect that we will make it into the 80s again. Of course, the other cat was outside under the truck again too.

Still, it seemed like a pleasantly mild start to the Friday portion of the newest Frisatsu.

The day was going well so far, and I am listening / watching Mel Waller's interview with me from about 3 years ago on his You Tube channel. It is still very interesting.

As I was doing this, I was still multi-tasking on other things with the computer. I must admit that it had been an excellent start to the new day so far.

I finally decided to venture back outside to take a break! I'm glad that I did, since my neighbor who I finally connected with is moving.

He is moving down to Texas to be with his estranged wife who is still in the National Guard or the Reserves, and has a three year assignment down there. I don't blame him, they have been married for 14 years.

While I will miss our interactions, I certainly wish him well!

It will be a bit lonely here, and then it all depends on what the new neighbor is like. That might cause me some problems later. We shall see!

I have not had any new work today, but that is okay, the day is still young too.

For me, this has been a good, but also melancholy day! We shall see how the day continues to progress. I guess that is all that any of us can do.

There as been some more eBay listing work going on too, and for that I am thankful.

I need to get some writing done, but there are a few issues that I need to address concerning that.

Then Monica called me, and we talked for a couple of minutes, and then , she got another call and had to let me go. I talked to her one other time, and then that was it, for a while!

Then, my buddy Kevin called me on his way to work at the railroad. I captured the above image of the late afternoon, yard!

My neighbor--soon to be former neighbor, Dustin, came by for a minute and asked for a beer, and I gave him one. He also got to chat with Kevin on the phone for a minute.

I captured images of he and the movers loading his Harley up in the truck.

Then they were finally successful! He had tried to sell it here, but there was not much of a market.

Finally, success! They got it in the truck.

I will hate to see him go, but he has to follow his heart!

Then, they were gone!

The rest of the day will be spent on the computer, one way or another! I didn't have any new work today, but that is okay. Tomorrow is another day, until it isn't!



Jeff, the Blog Dogs, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


The world's greatest multi-tasker, Jeff.

Great way to start the day. The Tostados looks like a great stomach-filler. Although your neighbor is moving, he is also reuniting with his wife. She must be happy about that.

Marriage is a hard job and it's not for the faint of heart. It is about trust, kindness, respect, discipline and commitment. Then, when the kids come along that's another layer for the couple to deal with.

Also, marriage is not for everyone. Look at Oprah & Stedman, still living in sin, after all these years. I love them and I don't mean to be disrespectful. They really love each other. With all her money, who needs a marriage license.

Sometimes life seems like a Yin & Yang of highs, lows. ups, and downs. Ebbs & Tides. But, he who endures through it all, with a good therapist wins (lol).

By the way, can you send me the YouTube Channel of Mel's interview with you, if you don't mind. No hurry. Whenever you get a chance

Happy FriSatSu

p.s. No worries about a slow day. Next thing you know, you'll be on roller skates. It happens to the best.

Not necessarily, Rachele, but thank you!

He still loves her, but feels it might be a mistake, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

After 14 years of marriage, they have no kids since neither of them wanted any.

I'll look that one up, and will send it sometime tomorrow!

Happy Frisatsu!


Hi Jeff,

No worries about the interview. I can get that from Mel. I hope you get a real nice neighbor. Looks like you have a nice neighborhood. It's after midnight, so we'll see you manana. Have a good one.

Nighty nite!

Yes, Rachele, the next time you are blogging with Mel, he will provide you a link! Be warned though, it is just shy of four hours long!

Sleep well and have a Happy Sunday!



Well. I can just watch an hour each day. How's that sound? If it pulls me in, I could very-well do a binge watch.

Looking forward to the Mel/Jeff interview.

Since I was a participant, I have watched it three times in full!


Always sad to see people you like leave - but just a part of life too. Hopefully tings work out for him.

Ever thought of buying the house he was in and renting it out?

Have a great afternoon and enjoy the rest of your Frisatsu!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell

It is, LD, and I hope everything works out for him too!

I can barely afford to pay the property taxes on my Two houses and Warehouse property, LD, even though they have all been paid off a long time ago! His house is much smaller than mine and will list at around $89,000. With 7% mortgage rate, it is not a good deal!

In a perfect world, that would be a great idea though!

Happy Sunday!


Taco bell again Jeffrey??? Doesn't look so bad though!!

Sorry to see your neighbour go as he also has a piglet!! I hope that your new one is accommodating at the very least!

Just got back earlier today so I have been seriously out of the loop for the last couple of weeks!

Hope I haven't missed much!!

The PSIL is still in tow but I am pretty sure it will slither back to its layer tomorrow!!

Two weeks of poolside barbies with temps of low to mid 80's was great.....

But..... back home it is touching triple digits again... 🥵🥵

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday portion my friend!


Yes, indeed, best $15 I ever spent.

The neighbor has a 2010 HD 1200 Super Glide Touring Bike, so it is no Piglet!

Glad you had fun with the Barbies, and hope your temps drop like ours have!

Sorry you always have to have "it" in tow!

I had dinner at Monica's, so it was Great!


The best 15 bucks I ever spent was on my balcony pool!!

Definitely sounds like more of a hog than a piglet!!

We certainly had fun but... next time, less people!

I seriously hope that the temps here drop dramatically very soon too and the PSIL'S departure should be imminent if I'm lucky!

Enjoy your Sunday portion my friend!!


If it gets cooler, she will likely stay, Nick! High Temps until IT goes back home where it belongs!


IT has just left the building Jeff!!

I am praying that she makes it on time to catch the train then I can really relax!!


And hopefully when IT does, IT will stay away for a while, Nick!


Hopefully my friend but.... very unlikely!

I may get a couple of weeks peace at best, so I will make sure I make the most of it whilst I can!!


I'd likely want a divorce since I had not signed on for two for the price of one, but that is just me!

Enjoy your Sunday portion of Frisatsu!


I hear you Jeff, BOGOF is not all that beneficial at times my friend!!


You've got THAT one right, Nick!



😎🍺 Cheers, Nick!

Cheers Jeff!


I'll stay optimistic and hope that you get some nice neighbors, Jeff.

That Taco Bell is looking enticing every time you post it!! 🌮 🔔

Hope you're having a relaxing FriSatSu! 😎🐶🐱🐶

Isaiah 🙂

Me too, Isaiah! In fact, I'll remain more optimistic and hope that I don't get a new neighbor anytime soon.

It is very good and very cost effective, and it is also very filling too!

I am having a very relaxing Frisatsu, so far! 😎😹🐶😹

Hope you are too!


I think Kitty senses there’s new competition in town too, Jeff! I’ll bet you’ll see more of her now lol. Sorry to see your neighbor and new friend depart. That is definitely a low but maybe the new folks will be great…let’s hope. Glad you got out last light and had fun. More good times will be here soon. Have a pleasant evening!

Susan 🐶😹🐶

You might be right, Susan! As for my neighbor and friend, I will definitely be very sorry to see him go!

Then again, maybe the new folks won't be too! I hope so!

Enjoy your evening, as well!


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