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Last Update: Jan 27, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

Another wonderful night of sleep, and it was off to the races to start this first day of another Frisatsu!

After caring for the Furry Assistants, I was immediately on the computer for another morning foray into the Wealthy Affiliate Community. My day just does not start out right without that important component.

Fortunately, Kitty decided to grace me with her presence too! That is always a big help.

I'll soon be getting ready to leave to join Monica on her knee therapy session this morning, so there are a few tasks that I need to tackle before I do!

The morning looked quite wonderful today with the sun out when I went outside, and I captured a few images of the new day!

It was chilly when I took these. (we did end up with a high of 49 today, so it was not too bad!)

The day was shaping up to be quite nice.

It is hard to believe that over the weekend we will be in the single digits to start the new week.

Who knows? Maybe the forecast might be wrong. I certainly hope so!

A customer came by and collected a storm door lock that I finally finished for him before it gets cold. A quick $20 went into my pocket.

After he left, it was time for me to head to Monica's final knee therapy session of the week.

Of course, the drive was quite pleasant today.

It was going to be a very nice day today, which was Great.

This was the final stretch.

I arrived to the center before Monica, but I do reside a little closer to it.

Monica was there about ten minutes later though.

I think that this was a very productive therapy session as opposed to yesterday's.

The therapist got her knee to bend a lot more today! I was simply there to encourage her. I will always support her in the best way that I know how to.

Then there was some manual bending of the knee. (I couldn't take a picture of that, because I am not really supposed to be taking pictures in there anyway.) Oh well!

It was pretty intense.

Then came the final resting and cooling-off period.

When it was over, we parted ways, and from there, I headed over to the locksmith shop house.

It was nice over there. I went inside and cut a few keys for the job tomorrow morning. It is also peaceful over there, so I relaxed for about an hour.

When I was finished, I went back to the eBay house and the first thing that I did there was feed the Blog Dogs their main meal for the day.

They were definitely ready for it! There was more of my chili stew mixed in too.

I also jumped back into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to catch us there, as well.

It wasn't long after that when my buddy Kevin called me on his way to the job at the railroad. We chatted for about a half an hour, and he will call me when he gets off work later.

Then it was time to finish putting this post together.

As for the Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day--we will see how it goes.

It will involve more writing, of course. This will be either on a post I am working on for my book promotion website, or putting some finishing touches on my Kindle Vella Episode #10. (I hope to get that finished because I am anxious to start Episode #11. We shall see!)

The rest of the evening will be spent both on the computer and phone, of course.



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Looks like it was a nice day. Amazing, that the dogs like your stew with chili -- it must not be very hot.

Mixed rain and snow here today, but the snow level has gone down -- I think the rain is winning. p;['''''''''''p[;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;s

I'm leaving the above bit of error here...Mocha did that. Lately he's been jumping on my desk and walking across my computer. This time he typed something...a special message, just for you.

Ah, that's easy, Fran. There is actually no chili whatsover in this particular stew.

While windy today, we are at 60 degrees, and sunny right now.

Haha. Love that "special message".😹


Not a bad start to your Frisatsu Jeffrey, at least you had some more nice temperatures and saw a bit of the sun!

I don't think we have made it above the mid 20's yet this last week and we certainly haven't seen the sun!!

But.... as your temps look to plummet, things look like they will be warming up a bit here next week!

Take care buddy and enjoy your Saturday portion!


It was, Nick, but we will be getting a spate of single digit temperatures for the next several days, and I am not looking forward to that!

The Saturday portion will consist of a job in a little while and some errands.

Enjoy yours!


Keep the firewood stoked buddy and all the very best for the paying job!


I will, indeed, Nick! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I still have to go back over one more time, and then it is completed!


Nice work my friend!


Thanks. The contractors were not finished in the back of the building, so I ihave to lock them out when they are done and rekey the back door lock.


Sounds like a walk in the park for a man with your knowledge and experience Jeffrey!


It won't be too bad, Nick! Unless it is bitter cold when they call me back to finish! πŸ₯Ά


I can't guarantee that it won't be bitterly cold Jeffrey..

But you've got this no matter the temperature my friend!


Thanks for the vote of confidence, Nick!


Anytime my friend!


Always appreciated, Nick!



Cheers! 😎🍺

That looks like some pleasant Friday morning weather, Jeff. Perhaps all she needed was a good night sleep and pleasant weather to feel better about the therapy session - compared to yesterday.

Hope you and the crew have a great Frisatsu! 😎🐢🐱🐢

It was much better, Isaiah, and you are likely right! We had pleasant weather yesterday, and will have some pleasant weather today as I get ready to head to a locksmith job. After that, for the next several days we will have single digit temps which means the fire will be going again. πŸ₯ΆπŸ”₯🐢😹🐢

Happy Frisatsu!


Hi Jeff, I am glad to see Monica on the mend although it must be quite tender still. Good to see you have a trickle of key work coming in and Kitty looks like she wants to murder someone, lol, just a normal day. Have a great weekend buddy, take care.

It was essentailly a normal, but good day, Brian!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend Frisatsu!


Hey Jeff, it looks like your weather was fair like ours today. I Hope Monica gets better soon.

I have a friend that had knee surgery over a year ago and is still dealing with the pain. Some days are better than others.

It looks like the blog dogs worked hard today and had a little siesta πŸ˜‚ Hope you have a great evening.


I'm glad to hear that you had some decent weather too, Chet.

Thanks for the well wishes for Monica! I hope Monica gets over that pain, but. like your friend, I know some who still experience a little pain too!

Have a pleasant evening, my friend! Happy Frisatsu!


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