What I've achieved in my first 3 months.

Last Update: May 23, 2017

So I've been at it for 3 months and though not a long time I feel it's been quite the journey to get here.

3 Months ago when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate I had no idea what an affiliate marketer was and never would of expected myself to be attempting to become one, but here I am.

Since I started, with zero prior knowledge of site building, I have manged to create my own website under my very own domain using the info from the WA training and the very helpful community.


I have also managed to get one no.1 ranking in google.

Most of my social media accounts are coming along nicely and two weeks ago I posted my first video to Youtube and am currently editing my second.

This week I submitted my sitemap to search console and am also finally seeing faint movement through my affiliate links.

I'm receiving very good feedback on my site from the community and although it isn't much, my site is receiving about 10-15 visits a day (most of which is organic).

I am at this stage worried about the fact that I am having a hard time posting more than 3 posts a week but it is getting more positive.

I realize the journey and the work for this site is far from over but seeing actual progress just instills more confidence. I'm very excited to see where the site will be in the next 3 months.

Thanks to the great community.


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vintagevic Premium
Hey Jean,
Sounds like things are going well. I joined a few weeks ago and would hope to have similar success to you. Keep it up!

Jeannel Premium
Hey Victor.

Thanks so much.
Best of luck and success to you as well.

markr0675 Premium
Wow Jean. You are going awesome!!!
Keep it up and you'll go far.
Great job.
andyfuan Premium
Congratulation! Wishing you best of luck.
Tw1 Premium
Hi Jean!
Great job on the progress you have made so far! If you are able to keep up your diligent effort, you are sure to find success!

Thank you for sharing your story here!
All the best to you!