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Today was a good day. I just checked and I am very happy to say that I am officially an internet entrepreneur. I made my first $2 and I'm only 5 months into building my site. To some this might not seem like much at all but to me it is progress and as long as there is progress with regards to my site, I am happy.Now to get cracking making my next 2 and hopefully a couple more.Happy days.
So I've been at it for 3 months and though not a long time I feel it's been quite the journey to get here.3 Months ago when I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate I had no idea what an affiliate marketer was and never would of expected myself to be attempting to become one, but here I am.Since I started, with zero prior knowledge of site building, I have manged to create my own website under my very own domain using the info from the WA training and the very helpful community.
After a whole weekend of work I finally posted my first youtube video tutorial for my woodworking site. I have never done anything like this before so hope I'm doing everything right. I guess time will tell.
April 28, 2017
So I've been here just over two months and it has been great. Today I logged on and saw my rank is 491. That's pretty cool. I haven't even been trying to rank. Just taking part in discussions and answering a question here and there. (The few I actually had the answers to seeing as I am also a newbie)Top 500 might not be a achievement but I'm quite stoked about it.Exciting times. Who knows, I might actually make ambassador. Can't wait to see what this month has to offer.Best of luck to all the a
It's been two months and my page is starting to generate traffic. Very few it may be but I'm starting to see the plausibility of this venture.I have a 100 comments on my site which may not be much and 40% is probably my replies but I'm quite excited about that also. I did not to recently consider giving up as writing in a second language is not the easiest of things but I have been receiving very positive feedback from the community on my page and am now more motivat
I joined Wealthy Affiliate on impulse with little to no trust for the brand, but in the two months I've been here I have grown to very much enjoy the company and dedication of it's community.Since joining the Wealthy Affiliate community I have unlocked a side of my creativity i forget I had and with the potential to be able to generate a income from it has instilled a drive to succeed in myself. Though I am only two months in, I am having a great time going through the training. Maybe because I
It's been a month and many worried moment about "am I doing this right?" and so on.The site health tab on the site manager interface has been my biggest indication on if I'm doing things right or not seeing as I have very limited experience in the field .All was looking good except site trust and as a result the nasty red dot on the site trust tab was quite worrisome. But today on day 35 in finally went up. Only 10% but its a start. Now I feel a bit more confident and have a new surge of energy
I'm a naturally hesitant person whom always plays it safe. Little over a month ago I visited the wealthy affiliate site and signed up for the free membership after reading about WA online. With no intention of becoming a premium but mostly having a look around. The site had none of the tell tale signs of being a scam and for the first time since I started looking for ways to make money online I felt comfortable investing in the opportunity I was offered.After completing course 1 in about 4 days