Made my 1st dollar! Actually two.

Last Update: July 02, 2017

Today was a good day. I just checked and I am very happy to say that I am officially an internet entrepreneur. I made my first $2 and I'm only 5 months into building my site.

To some this might not seem like much at all but to me it is progress and as long as there is progress with regards to my site, I am happy.

Now to get cracking making my next 2 and hopefully a couple more.

Happy days.

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HarveyBrown Premium
Congratulations Jeannel, the journey has now really began.
Jeannel Premium
Thanks! I'm super excited now as I can see this whole thing can actually work. It has given me all new motivation.
Timotheus Premium
Congratulations! :)

It is a big thing. It is progress, and proof that we can make money online.

Just earlier today, I was sharing with a friend - about my recent earnings from my YouTube channel. After months, I finally received money from YouTube!

It was not much. But to me, it is proof. And possibilities. From that, I know I can make more money online.

And we will too, my friend.

Once again, Congrats! :)
Lourens83 Premium
Well done and congrats.
CDeMoss1 Premium
WarrenK1 Premium
Way to go.....just the beginning!