Should I Work Harder?

Last Update: March 25, 2019

Really, should I be working harder?

I read about success, one experience after another and it gives me so much motivation and encouragement. I can only wait and wish for this success to follow me also. I continue to post to my blog regularly and really do hope that the content I am posting is what will allow me to prosper.

But recently another idea crossed my mind. If Google doesn't really take notice in your site until about six months should I be building multiple websites at once?

There is so much that I am interested in and want to share all of it with the world but sometimes I don't know if I have it in me to do more than what I am doing right now, but I also don't want my success or future to suffer because of it.

So, I would like to know. For the WA members that have been here for years, did you build your success on just one website or did you build multiple websites and have greater success this way?

I often feel a rush of discouragement and skeptism come over me and I wonder if I am doing the right thing by putting my all into this venture, but then I read about others and I get a glimmer of hope.

I hope that this is normal and i'm not the only one feeling like I could fall on my face at anytime otherwise, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks so much to the members here for helping me thus far and pushing me to do more. I am forever grateful.

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SondraM Premium
I have multiple websites. I have also been here for several years. In most cases, you will make money sooner if you focus on ONE website.

Otherwise, you will be like me. Let's say that I have 10 websites. I write 100 articles. That is 10 articles per website. (I actually had more for a while)

If those 100 articles would have been on one website, I would be doing much better.

Make sure that you are including reviews on your website. Reviews attract people that want to actually purchase something. Versus people that just want to watch a video or get recipe ideas for example.

You make money when people want to purchase something.

Fortunately, I still make money from my offline business activities since I have choose to take a very slow money making route by having multiple websites.

Focus on ONE. Keep learning and reading and writing so you can make your one website awesome.
jeanetteobas Premium
Thanks for this! Such great advice.
jeanetteobas Premium
So I was thinking, I do product reviews but do I need to mention "Review" in the title keywords? I usually don't.
danijel95 Premium
I think that you should primarily focus on building one website. There are folks here who build multiple sites at once but it would take you even more time than building just one.

It takes from 3-8 months to see results from Google so you should write a lot of content for one website. When you establish your first website and it starts earning you money than you can start building more sites.

Hope it helps!
All the best,
jeanetteobas Premium
Thank you. I guess i'm doing okay then.
Barbara49 Premium
Lots of times I feel the same way. But then i have to remind myself I am not alone and then I keep going. Recently I have started another website and I ma thinking of a third one but I must admit, I am not an expert and it takes so long for me to get it right with one I am afraid of jumping in too deep with three....but if we don't try we will never I say just go for it.
jeanetteobas Premium
Thank you. I actually created two other websites and then got cold feet when I couldn't keep up with them like my primary one so I ended up just saving the content to my computer and deleting the sites. One actually got indexed on Google and I wasn't ready for that so I took it down.
RD40 Premium
Finding success with one website is difficult enough. Trying to find it with multiple sites is extremely difficult, especially for a beginner. Focus on one website, and build experience from it. Once you're able to make good money with it, then you can think about building another. Hope this helps bring clarity to your situation. You can do it!

jeanetteobas Premium
Yes it does, and thanks for your advice.
Vpikelja Premium
Sorry I don't have an answer but this is a great question I was wondering some thing.
jeanetteobas Premium
that's okay. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this.