Hmmm. A Little Bummed

Last Update: May 15, 2019

Something I didn't know..

So I've been working on my SAC website using the siterubix domain name. As I mentioned in an early post here, I recently got indexed on Google and I was so excited. It took about 30 days from conception and 13 posts later for Google to finally index me.

To my surprise, once I moved my siterubix to my own .com my site is no longer indexed. So, how long does this typically take?

Will I have to wait another month or so to be indexed again because I am working off a new domain?

Well, that's a bummer.

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ElissaBurn Premium
I have tested the Yoast plugin on my site. Let me tell you about my first experience with them. When I tried them the first time, 6 articles were indexed in almost a week.

So I felt that I read all their blogs and understood the rules enough to do it on my own so I removed that plugin (try to minimize how many plugins you use).

Then I wrote 7 more articles. 30 days went by and none of them indexed. Yesterday, I went back to Yoast and today one of the seven got indexed.
JeannineC Premium
Yeah, don't freak about it. Google will get you out of the sandbox soon enough, once they figure out that you are indeed you!
jeanetteobas Premium
thanks guys!
jayden5789 Premium
1 or 2 week, I just experienced the same thing recently.
brandoju Premium
It won’t take too long. Based off of my early experience, it was just about a week to get indexed after I transferred. Hang in there.