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May 15, 2019
Something I didn't know..So I've been working on my SAC website using the siterubix domain name. As I mentioned in an early post here, I recently got indexed on Google and I was so excited. It took about 30 days from conception and 13 posts later for Google to finally index me. To my surprise, once I moved my siterubix to my own .com my site is no longer indexed. So, how long does this typically take?Will I have to wait another month or so to be indexed again because I am working off a new doma
May 14, 2019
My second website has been indexed....I was a little in aww about this. Recently I had become a little worried that my site wouldn't get indexed because it's not a .com. Well well. I was wrong.I started a second website for the SAC challenge last month, and I guess that's good timing. We haven't entered the second month of the challenge yet. I managed to get up 13 posts for this past month, almost three a week and I am trying to hard to get some good content so I can get some referrals going. W
May 08, 2019
I don't know how to feel about this...So I joined or should I say was invited to join a facebook group for helping to promote online business and get advice and some extra feedback on my website. I sent them my link for my baby site in which I have a work from home post for moms and a widget with a nice baby pic for the free 7 days and 2 free websites... When I received feeback from one of the owners of the FB page/group I was told that promoting Wealthy Affiliate just screams desperate..... We
Exactly what is there to be excited about? I get indexed on Google, yes, but what does that mean exactly? I searched through Google only to find that I didn't see my content anywhere in the first 23 pages. So.... Am I supposed to be excited about this?I understand what it means to get indexed yes, but what I don't understand is what all the hype is about. If I can't find my post then who else will find it? Is it like a waiting list where it will progressively get moved to the front of the line?
May 01, 2019
I was so excited... to get the email from WA that three posts that I did last week are already indexed on Google today. That was quick. I noticed that some take longer than others but the more I do, the better I am getting at the keyword research in Jaaxy. This is a must my new ones!!! Do your research and it will pay off. Unfortunately I can't see where in Google it is unless I upgrade my membership on Jaaxy so I guess for now I will have to be happy that I know it's there and maybe someone wi
Imagine my surprise when I logged onto Amazon associates and saw that I made a commission. And this time it was way more than 3.33$ I was so shocked because nothing has been going my way lately. I hope to see more of this in the future! This was really a turning point for me. After 2 months of constant content and working on my site I see that I can make money, now to just keep going and make some more. I'll be fancy living in no time. (Spongebob) LOL!
Give yourself and your business time to mature! Don't quit! Don't change what you are doing!So I came across a blog post just now and I replied to it the best way I knew how and after I read what I could share with the author, I decided I wanted to share it just in case anyone else was feeling the same way! For the new members here at WA, including myself, it is easy to get discouraged in the beginning because we are not yet sure if we are making the right choice or doing everyhing correctly. T
So, within my niche I have found a way to promote Wealthy Affiliate. But, how do I go about doing this. I chose to go through with the training, (not the bootcamp one). Do I need to go through the boot camp training before I can do this?I've been wanting to create a post for this, but I am only just starting my level 4 training and have a ways to go before I can get to the boot camp training. How are other people promoting WA within their niche if not doing the boot camp training? Is it only po
March 25, 2019
Really, should I be working harder? I read about success, one experience after another and it gives me so much motivation and encouragement. I can only wait and wish for this success to follow me also. I continue to post to my blog regularly and really do hope that the content I am posting is what will allow me to prosper. But recently another idea crossed my mind. If Google doesn't really take notice in your site until about six months should I be building multiple websites at once? There is s
February 27, 2019
331 PenniesI logged into Amazon today and saw that I made $3.31 commission. I know this is only pennies and you can't even get paid until you reach $10, It was just exciting to see. I'm sure this is probably from the community here on WA which I am grateful for and i've only just started almost a month ago, but it's cool to see that you can actually make money from affiliate marketing, even if it is just three bucks. I'm researching and writing content, and I get stressed with the keyword, qual