7 Awesomely Useful Tips for Newcomers

Last Update: March 25, 2015

Music and Health Care, 180-degree turn

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for nine months. I might be able to give you my 2 cents worth about choosing a niche, a theme, writing engaging content, web design, social media, and paying it forward. I joined as a total and complete newbie. My knowledge of the computer extended to getting my documentation done at work. I hadn't written anything in a good long while, so this was 180 degree turn for me.

Made it very difficult to see and work on the computer

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in July, and about one week later I got this horrendously stinky, nasty, infection that infected my sinuses and eyes. I went to the doctor and they did not give me antibiotics, but prescribed some other stuff that helped my immune system fight it off. The infection made it very difficult to see and work on the computer. It drained my energy and took a ____ of a long time to get rid of. Several practitioners and appointments later, in the last month, I'm feeling much more like myself. I am either finally over the infection or have become accustomed to the new level of health. Enough excuses.

Choosing a website niche was very easy

I am very passionate about music, been a student and performer of music all of my life, so choosing my passion for a website niche was very easy. Narrowing it down was very difficult. I felt a website about flute playing or singing technique was going to be rather dry and uninteresting to a large group of people.

I thought I would change focus

I instead started to write about how music enhances our lives, reduces pain, decreases stress, relieves anxiety, depression, promotes relaxation and helps heal our bodies.

I have progressed a great deal and learned much, but still have so much to do. The real job hasn't even started yet!

So this is for all you newcomers out there: (Don't do like I did)

  1. Follow the training step-by-step and STAY FOCUSED. Do not get distracted by shiny objects or anything else that comes up.
  2. Ask questions: Lots of them, even if they sound silly, even if you don't have the subject vocabulary enabling you to ask. Do it anyway!
  3. Make at least a small step of progress every day and commend yourself for it.
  4. The idea of paying it forward is a beautiful, loving concept. Paying it forward is very important. It is joyful to share and give back, what other people have been graciously willing to teach about their profession. Every time you teach, share and encourage someone what you have learned, you not only help them, but you strengthen your own understanding of the material as well.
  5. Like Arnold says: "Work your butt off".
  6. Practice your blogging skills.
  7. Like my Dad used to say, "Don't quit, cause quitters never win".

I am so happy and thankful for Kyle,Carson and Jay and everyone else that have met, planned, educated, and worked tirelessly so we have an opportunity like this, Wealthy Affiliate.

Best Wishes for Happiness, Success and Great Health!

And May All Your Dreams Come True!


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Christabelle Premium
This is a wonderful post Eiress! I am so happy to hear you have gotten rid of the sinus infection, they can be so annoying! And its not really excuses. After I fell in December, at first I didn't realize I was fighting with whiplash. When it is something that effects the head it can be very draining because it effects the whole body!
JAZZmom41 Premium
Thanks Christa. I hope you are getting well from your whiplash. Take care of yourself. :)
Christabelle Premium
Thank you, yes my neck is regaining its strength and the headaches are greatly diminished! You take care as well!
Dho7373 Premium
what goes around comes around. amazing encouragement...
JAZZmom41 Premium
What goes around? Explain? Maybe you would be happy to shed some light on your comment " what goes around comes around" Dho7373
eeohome Premium
Love what you said about "Ask...even if you don't have the subject vocabulary..." . I have been in that boat almost every time I have asked a question! Thankfully someone was able to figure out what I was trying to ask.
As far as paying it forward, the best I can do for now is offer encouragement.
RobVallair Premium
Wonderfully said. And all the training available to us is priceless!
gombirot Premium
Well said Jazzmom.

This is quite inspiring. Taking action even a small one helps. And true when you help others you enhance your knowledge. This helps in your development as an authority.

I have experienced these feelings. I do know that each action step I take no matter how small will shorten teh distance towards my goals just as much. This is called progress.

Thanks for sharing.