The Fear Of Failure

Last Update: November 25, 2016

I notice a lot of people here mentioning their fear of failure, it can be such a powerful fear that it stops us right in our tracks and destroys our dreams and ambitions!

What you need to understand is that everybody fails, this is how we learn. The greatest marketers didn't achieve their success on day one, they went through many trials and tribulations on the way to the top. You can do this too, but you have to first tell that niggling voice in your head to BACK OFF! It's a liar and you no longer have to listen to it, take control and decide for yourself here and now.

Do you want to be successful?

From now on every time you fail take a step back and review your situation. What did you do wrong? You won't be doing that again, right? Lesson learned :)


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kasage00 Premium
There are times I have a fear of failure, but I respond with "failure is not going to happen."
jaytech Premium
Thats right, you have to stand up to the negative thoughts.
Temujin1 Premium
Great instruction. Thanks Jay!
PMbaluka Premium
Thanks for that special insight
Toshmack Premium
Many thanks for the share.
Cheers, Tosh :)
reanna1 Premium
True! Thanks, Jay!