Newest Site Showing a Lot of Promise!

Last Update: Feb 18, 2016


So I have been working diligently on my newest site, Spiral Revolutions. This is the type of site that I originally wanted to create when I came to WA, but wasn't sure how to go about it at first.

Initial Content

I started this site the tail end of December and so far have a dozen posts up with content so far. This has allowed me to begin the monetization process now that I have a solid base to work off of.

One thing I learned in the past and that has been just as present this time is finding new content ideas based off of the comments from previous posts. I had an idea of the direction that I would go with my posts and by using the comments along with that I feel like I have been able to get a very good flow going.

Social Media

Also, with the new site I have worked hard on getting it set up right with social media. I have buttons to follow me on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter at the bottom of each post right from the start.

I was weak with Twitter the first go around here so I wanted to work harder on that this time. I followed various tips that I picked up from around here at WA and in a month's time have generated a following of over 1400 people so far. Every day now roughly sees another 50 new people as well.

If you are interested on Following me on Twitter, you can find me @Spiral_Revo

Climbing the Search Engine Rankings

I have mainly only been following how well I have ranked in Google with this site so far, but I do have it on my radar to get hooked up with the other engine analytics (especially seeing as that is included with the training here now as well).

I already have a page one average for one of my keywords and the others are slowly but surely climbing the ranks with each new post. The organic traffic is still very hit and miss, but with each passing day I know that it will continue to increase.

My overall traffic over the last 30 days is also a number that I have paid attention to and it also has been seeing growth. Back at the beginning of the month I was just over 100 and now I am over 160!

My Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

I want to give a shout out to all those here that have helped support me as I transitioned back into work here. From comments & feedback to the updated trainings! Also I have made a few new friends and that is something that I will always cherish!

Until the next update, Keep Working It!

James W D

Recent Comments


Awesome to hear James! I didn't hear of your new site til now, I'll definitely go check it out....sounds interesting! Keep up the great work and best wishes :) ~Sherry.

Hey Sherry how have you been! Glad to see that you are still around here. I have been back at work on my newest site here pretty hard, but have not been as active here at WA like I was before. Just too much going on these days.

Hey James, I'm doing fine and I definitely understand that, there's only so much time in a day!
Yup, I've been here all along, but like yourself, I've been working on a new site myself, which is based on artwork (painting/drawing) for quite awhile now. This has also meant more time spent offline to work on developing my art skills, so I haven't been too active here either...just popping in to read blogs or help others out once in awhile when I can.

I did check out your new site for a bit, btw and it certainly caught my interest, so I bookmarked it to go back to again since it was getting so late...Lot of reading I'd like to do over there, and I intend on picking up where I left off. Keep up the awesome job on it!

Best wishes :) ~Sherry

Glad you like my new site. I have put a lot of effort into it and have really worked on honing my writing skills.

Sounds like you education is paying off. I hope to have a 2nd site before long, and want to follow the training more closely, knowing what I am doing (hopefully)~
Congratulations` Seems the rinse and repeat method is holding for you!

It has been very beneficial for me. Outside of getting my old sites dusted off and primed up again I have been solely focusing on this new site. So far it has been going very well and I have a solid foundation in place now.

Keep it up James, your site is moving up rather nicely. You are posting quite regularly on your website. That's the way indeed.

Thanks much and I will! Gotta keep that content rolling!

Hey, James! As you know, I've been following your're making great progress. I always enjoy reading your posts and I always leave your page with more than I came with. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Barb. I have really appreciated your support in this endeavor. Always happy to hear that I was able to provide new perspective for someone!

Your new site sounds really intriguing. I am sure you will do very well with it.

Hard to go wrong with the training and support available here!

Thanks for this share!

You are welcome!

You're always a ray of sunshine James...Glad to hear encouraging news. Thanks

That's why my momma always called me son... 8)

Maybe you should try your hand at some stand-up...

haha! I doubt that would go over well.

Very happy for you and keep up the good work!!

Thank you & will do!

Great job!

Thank you!

Great progress. Well done. Geoff :)

Thanks Geoff. Much appreciated.

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