Making Adjustments

Last Update: Nov 10, 2015


As I am easing my way back into things I decided to first work on my Wealthy Affiliate promotion site first. Now I have started making adjustments and even got a post published last week.

The Adjustments

The first thing I decided to do was to add a static home page and move the posts over to a different menu. The main reason behind this is do to the gap in posts and I wanted that to be a little less obvious to a passer by. I am not sure if I will keep it this way in the long run or if I will switch back to the blog roll for the home page. Any feedback on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

The next thing I have started working on is updating my plugins. Some were old and seemed out dated while others seemed just fine still. Per Kyle's post about the spam blocker I updated to the new WA recommended plugin. I also updated my Social Media to the Ultimate Social Media Icons PLUS plugin, which seems to be very nice so far.

Next Up

The next thing on the agenda would be to revisit the direction that I am taking with the site and the posts yet to come. I want to make sure that I start honing in on a specific route and so forth. Once I have that to a more specific point then I will generate a list of post topics to write about over the coming months.

I have always found that having a list of topics to choose from has made it easier for me to write. I strive to keep a list of at least 15 topics at all times when I am actively writing. This helps the seeds of ideas to germinate until I am ready to dive in and get to work.

Step by step I am getting acclimated to being back and taking control of my destiny. I am looking forward to reconnecting with some old friends here as well as making many new ones!

Keep Working It!

James W D

Recent Comments


I can see you are on course and doing well. You have just thought me a new idea, preparing a list of topics to write on, will take it up. Keep moving, all the best, God bless you.

Thanks Peter and I am glad that I was able to pass an inspiration along!

Good to see your back into the swing of it once more hope the new job is going well to

Hey Katie! I am loving my new job!!!!!!! Also looking forward to getting this train rolling again!

good to have you back to and look forward to the new ventures

Feels good to be back!

I bet it does, would not like not to have to be away for too long

Hey hey James, long time no see. We both had our 2-year anniversary here at WA last month. Good to see you are getting back in the groove.

John Worthy

Hey John! Hope all has been well with you. I did notice that my anniversary slipped by last month. No fanfare here on it though as I am just getting back. Don't plan on being the powerhouse that I was, but am looking forward to working on my sites again.

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