When Belief is a Problem

Last Update: Jul 16, 2013


If you've been hanging around the Internet for more than a year, I'm willing to wager you are very skeptical. I'll wager you sleep with one eye open.

Maybe you've always been skeptical. Maybe you are the "prove it to me" type. I understand.

To that, I would say good for you. You will save yourself much grief in the end.

Be wary. Be shrewd. Don't be gullible. Watch your resources. Don't invest a lot of money in anything until you assess the return on your dollar, as well as the time it takes to get that return. And look before you reinvest.

Many people get so excited when they think about the earning potential of an online business, that they dump big sums of money, willy nilly into absolutely nothing, just wishes that are all predicated on some stranger's promise, which is nothing more than a good sales pitch.

Nice to have dreams and wishes, but smarter to have both feet on the ground while your head is drifting in the clouds.

Now that's the combination of qualities you need in order to succeed. You need to be a practical dreamer.

Until you know something, until you know anything at all, this money would be better spent taking the entire family, plus twenty of your favorite friends and your old college chums, the Chamber of Commerce, and the National Guard out to dinner at a posh restaurant. At least you'll have a "good time" to show for your efforts. And you'll make many people happy.

I'm kidding. Well, sort've.

Doesn't make any difference how smart you are. Everybody can be seduced by the promise of riches. Heck, it doesn't even have to be riches. Most people just want freedom from the doldrums of the nine to five.

It's fun to gamble, and life is a gamble. But in business, it's smarter to be calculating. Promise you, I LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY. This is not a lecture. It's a sharing.

Know what you are doing before you invest a lot of money. The good news is that online business is perfect for someone who doesn't have a lot of money to invest upfront. Your business can be built in steps and then scaled up.

Safe at last! Unless... It's a BIG unless, some weazel guru cleverly separates the new entrepreneur, you, me from our resources.

WA has made it possible to learn what you need to know in an affordably sustained membership. It's such a right idea!

On the other hand, there is danger in being too cautious. You don't want to cut yourself off from possibility and opportunity in order to protect your money and your psyche. There is a happy medium.

In order to reach the heights in any human endeavor, you have to get out of your comfort zone and risk failure. Failure is part of success. It's like a seesaw.

Believe. Trust.

What should you trust? Trust yourself.

Believe in your ability to accomplish what you desire.

You've done it before, you'll do it again.

Have a great week my friends!


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Joan, Were you talking about me on your last post? I know there are so many people that think "That could never happen to me", until it does. Failure is part of success. As long as you learn from it and don't let your resolve to succeed be weakened or your path waver. Thanks for your post, Leo

Glad my blog rings your bell, Leo. That means you've stuck your neck out. Good and courageous! Too many people are afraid to try anything. You miss out that way.

Lots to learn from You Guys.

You're welcome.

Hi Joan
As always I enjoyed your blog. It made me laugh (in a good way) - because actually I don't trust my own judgement at all. I frequently make the same mistakes over and over again - and I make rush judgements when I shouldn't. However, I have found that if I trust my 'instinct' it rarely fails me.


Well Beverley, you can at least trust that you will make the same mistakes over and over again. Only kidding. I think your judgement is probably right on. Sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to do. Many people don't trust their instincts. It's a shame because that's where the "real" knowing is. It you are a very intuitive person, that's a big help. Thank you for your comment and that you enjoy my blogs.

Joan - you have done it again! We must believe in ourselves, there are too many others ready and willing to take away our dreams. We must free ourselves, get out and take risks to make what we love to do work. Have learned the hard way many times, but what I learned has not been forgotten. Thank you, have a great week too.

Yes Caylynn, I too have learned that doing anything other than what you want to do is just a waste of time. Best to go straight to what you love and forget the rest. Thank you for your comment.

Very well said my hats off to you.

Thanks Tommy.

I can relate, I spent a lot on this one endeavor, because the guy says I can make money if I do everything he said, so I did, until what he was saying was to spend more money, I finally reached a point, where I couldn't afford to do everything he said, and never made a cent. I didn't believe anything after that, until WA, the cost is so minimum, that even if I do nothing, I still come out ahead, just with the people I have met, and the bits & pieces I've picked up from them and the training, plus I have my website, almost, and can do it all at my own speed, so who knows where I would be if I ever really applied myself. Either way, what a great job, what a great place to be. Loved the post.

If you've tested a few of them, you find that they all follow the same pattern to a dead end street. It's so aggravating. So what happens? You turn your back on all of them, and trust yourself and your own website/s. That's as it should be. Thanks for your input.

Excellent common sense article.


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