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Last Update: March 01, 2016

Hey All My WA Friend and Family,

For all of you who have travelled this WA path with me…you’ll know my history and the recent challenges, celebrations…and everything in between. For those of you I have not met yet…Hi…and looking forward to meeting you all online soon.

This is a quick follow up from my blog about When it Rains…

Needless to say a decision has been made…

So from London to Mauritius to London to NZ and now…Malaysia. 2015-2016 is an epic journey one way or the other…

On Saturday I will again be continent hopping and making my way to the next in my lifes opportunities. Once again entering the world of education and doing something that makes my heart sing and dance.

That doesn’t mean you are getting rid of me... sorry

I’ll still be here and making myself known…but perhaps less frequently. I guess it’s unlikely that I will have the time in the next few weeks…but I most definitely will still have the energy and inclination.

What is for certain is that I will continue adding to my websites – after 9 months the blood, sweat and tears is bearing fruit and I’m happy to report that WA works like a charm. Love getting up each morning and checking the emails for commissions and sales…it’s still a buzz.

So the main point of this email….

Keep doing what youre doing

Keep adding awesome content

Don’t get discouraged if after a month, or 2, or 6 you still haven’t made a penny…it was 6 months before I made a dime…some will make money earlier…some later…but the fact is….YOU WILL MAKE MONEY.

Believe in yourself…believe in your ability…trust the program…celebrate the community…involve yourself as much as possible as there is so much to learn from each individual member here at WA.

Each day is a blessing and each day I learn more than I did the day before…thanks to the generosity of spirit and the commitment of heart from our fellow WA’s.

Now the time is right for me to take on another challenge and learn from it…the universe has much learning, laughing and loving for us…it’s our decision to pick up the ball and run…or not.

Anyways WA much love to you all and see you round…Be safe, be strong, be Brilliant.


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Martstervt Premium
Great post-Jason, full of encouragement. I wish you well in your travels and will say a prayer for safety. Thank you for all your contributions and I look forward to hearing from you.

JasonGB Premium
Thank you Marty. Appreciate your comments and prayers. Keep safe and I'll definitely be adding updates.
KarenDemers Premium
Safe travels, Jason
JasonGB Premium
Thank you
RaquelT Premium
Wishing you all the best Jason! Have fun during your stint in Malaysia! :-)
JasonGB Premium
Thank you. I'll definitely be keeping you all updated
RaeAnnePond Premium
This was a great blog!! Thanks for the inspirational words... I'm glad you're about to be doing something that will make your heart sing and dance as you put it...That's great! Enjoy!
JasonGB Premium
Thank you! Wishing you much luck and success
Pisquali Premium
Malaysia, I am so jealous. That was my teenage home. Best food in the world.
JasonGB Premium
Cheers P. I can taste the nasi lemak now ; )