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Last Update: May 12, 2018

It is so easy to sit down and dream of greatness, success, influence, power and wealth; after all, you don’t have to pay a dime to dream expensively. Many aspire to become figures of authority, to make a huge difference in their generation and especially amongst their peers in Wealthy Affilliate, but only few make that dream a reality. I believe that we all have the seed of greatness in us, why is it that only very few people have attained that height?

The answer is simple and short, many of us just dream and never bring it to life, many people would like to be great, but only a few dare to take the first steps into bringing our big dreams to reality. You must understand that dreaming about being or becoming great is only a step, you must be ready to step out with resilience, grit and perseverance. That's what I'm striving for in 2018 and beyond.

Life is designed to defeat the weak. It is a fact that has been proven over and over again. Only those who prepare adequately for the struggles of life will stand a chance at making the best out of life. The trials of life will come in different ways, just make sure that you are prepared to handle and overcome it until you see that beautiful dream and goal of yours come to life.

I firmly believe that the price of success can only be paid in the currency of hard labor. Every dream that greets the horizon of reality is founded on two basic principles; hard work and character and those who will wield these tools must be ready to roll up their sleeves and train their hearts not to faint easily. With these, you will be able to surmount every challenge that comes your way as you proceed to make your dreams come true in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you are not prepared to pay the price of success with the bending of your back, the rolling up of your sleeves and the dripping sweat of your brows, then you are not going to taste any real success. I do not believe that success is what you do, I will prefer to define it as a definite lifestyle that is built, patterned and can be modeled and copied by others. If you will live a lifestyle of success, you must be ready to pay with a lifestyle of sacrifice; it is just the fair price.

The difference between those who dream about greatness and those who become great is that, while great men keep their cool in the face of challenges, mere dreamers drop their illusions and run as fast as their legs can carry them when they come face to face with the true reality of life. Dreamers will always have one seemingly genuine excuse for their failure to endure and it will look acceptable to them, but the summary will be that they failed, no matter how you want to say it.

Go for your dreams; go in with everything you have. You will definitely make mistakes and record some form of failure here and there, just make sure you never give up on your dream or on yourself. Success is failure that refused to stay down. See you at the top.

True success must be of benefit to mankind! If what you have done is just for you, if what you have accomplished does not better the cause of good in the community of Wealthy Affiliate; if all you are able to produce is all about you, then you have not succeeded yet, that is failure in disguise.

Get off your butt and roll up your sleeves; your excuses and what life did to you should not be allowed to stand in your way! Defy the odds; face your demons and dare to succeed in 2018 and beyond!

Sincerely: Jason D. Kioke

- Proud Wealthy Affiliate Member Since April 2016


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Laurel0887 Premium
Another Tony Robbins Fan!

I have many of his books and tapes. Even took a group of classes of his. I learned a break a board with my hand, among many other things!!! Would you believe I kept it? It's a reminder, at least for me, that I can get through anything if I set my mind to it. Hopefully
minus the bruise I had on my hand!

Never did the fire walk...................

I like his teachings, and definitely his attitude. It's that get off your butt, roll up your sleeves, and stop making excuses, no one else to blame mindset I try to mimic.

Your blog is a great read, I hope everyone takes advantage and even puts some of the things to work for themselves.

My Best,

MKearns Premium
It devolves to certain principles. Just follow them!
JasonDK Premium
Yes, sir.
JerryMcCoy Premium
good post
JasonDK Premium
Thank you, Jerry!
JasonDK Premium
Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best!