Taking it easy?

Last Update: November 24, 2013

So, this weekend I decided that I needed to reign it in and ease up a bit.

Since joining WA I feel like I've been obsessed/possessed and my 'other' family have started to comment. Not altogether in a negative way, more along the lines of "you look a bit tired Mum" from my son or "haven't you been sleeping too well" from work colleagues. Concerned rather than anything else I think.

Now, when I began my new venture here, I decided that I wouldn't tell anyone - I suppose a lack of confidence in my own ability and the very likely sneering remarks from the "know it alls". So now, two months on, I'm still not sharing with my friends and family but they know something is afoot!

I think it might be the "away with the fairies" stare or the the dashing off from work like I've got a banshee on my tail!

And thus we come to this weekend - just one month till Christmas is upon us and me completely unprepared or even really thinking about it. No presents bought, no festive planning under way . . .

48 hours later - all my gifts are either bought or ordered and on their way - check! I've ordered my fresh turkey to collect on Christmas Eve and booked my Click and Collect for all my groceries, December 23 - check! I've invited some of my nearest and dearest for a Christmas Eve, exchange of presents, drink and mince pie - check! And I have my very nearest and dearest coming to mine for Christmas Day - result!

Last year that took me several weeks of umming and ahhing (what to do, what to buy, when to do it . . . ) several changes of plans, returning gifts to shops etc. is all sorted :0)

So, I may have eased off the WA gas pedal for a couple of days but I haven't really been relaxing - I feel so good about my achievements here at WA that I think this is rubbing off on everything else I do. More determination, more organisational skills, more time management - and of course that means I can get back, guilt free, to what I've been missing for the last 48 hours.

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BIS Premium
LoL - good for you. Love the picture. That is was cute puppy. It's good to take a step away sometimes so don't feel guilty about doing so.
jangee Premium
Hi Beverley, I know its good to pace yourself and I'm going to ease up a bit. Yes that puppy is way too cute :0)
jangee Premium
Haha yep that darned turkey always worrying about cooking it right. One year my mum bought a 20 pounder and we couldn't fit it in the oven :0)
DC574 Premium
Keep your strength for Xmas dinner that can be a stressful event, the timing the cooking of the turkey I know it was for me when I cooked my first turkey 11hrs ahead in time zones from my mum, no help just wing it ( no pun intended).
jangee Premium
Yes indeed and that's the motivator for me (as I set my alarm clock to wake me up for work tomorrow) LOL
SamTea Premium
We are all here to be our own bosses.
Feel free to take it easy whenever you like. ;)
That is the beauty of online business.