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November 24, 2013
So, this weekend I decided that I needed to reign it in and ease up a bit. Since joining WA I feel like I've been obsessed/possessed and my 'other' family have started to comment. Not altogether in a negative way, more along the lines of "you look a bit tired Mum" from my son or "haven't you been sleeping too well" from work colleagues. Concerned rather than anything else I think. Now, when I began my new venture here, I decided that I wouldn't tell anyone - I suppose a lack of confidence in
November 11, 2013
Just thought I'd ask, if you have a niche that is more specific, do you ever deviate from the main theme? My own niche is dog clothing. I started my website, progressively adding more content in October and, so far, I've blogged about Halloween dog costumes, throwing Halloween dog parties etc. I did keep it quite narrowly concentrated on Halloween, and the costumes available for dogs, but branched out slightly by including recipes for treats and cake for the dog party. Now, we are getting int
November 04, 2013
Having registered my website with Bing I have been emailed today with a $50 credit to spend! Woohoo $50 (or £30) seems a nice, tidy sum to get some adverts on the go in time for the festive season. Question - has anyone used their introductory sign-up allowance? Or just paid for some ads on Bing? I've found the training that Kyle has kindly put on WA for us but was just wondering if any fellow WAers have had any success with their ads? It does seem to have arrived at the right time to start pl
Just putting out a few feelers to see who is gearing up for Christmas and what they are doing to attract customers to their websites. Has anyone already started on their 2013 Christmas campaigns? I've just really started thinking about Christmas today as, until now, all my efforts have been concentrated on the Halloween market. I didn't have much success with my Halloween promotions :( and was wondering if it is worthwhile repeating the very specific marketing I did or whether I should be more
October 25, 2013
Now I am in a bit of a predicament (perplexed or just not thinking straight) trying to decide where I should be concentrating my efforts? I have built and developed my website as a but I do own the same domain name as a My initial thoughts were that more people were likely to visit a website than any other. I suppose I have also been trying to cater for customers here in the UK (where I live) but wanted to benefit from a much bigger (predominantly USA) market. I am
October 21, 2013
Is it me or do all Wealthy Affiliate folk have this problem? I've just had my dinner - not too late really as it's 7.30 pm. But I did get up at 5 am this morning, have spent the day at work, came home, walked the dogs, fed the dogs, got my dinner prepared, did the house work, cooked dinner . . . ate my meal yum (lamb chops), washed the dishes, made a lovely cuppa tea ahhh. And breathe . . . In between times I've been working on my website, trying to to keep up with the promise I made that I wo
October 17, 2013
Now, I'm starting to get seriously confused and a bit tied up in knots finding and choosing my keywords.To be honest, and to coin a phrase 'it's doing my head in' I have been spending a lot of time trying out different combinations or keywords, building my content and publishing my website. I know my niche is a competitive one so am I just bashing my head against a brick wall? Should I just keep plugging away at writing quality content and let my Google rankings do their own thing? Today, I'm r
(Gulp) so I've just gone and bit the bullet and paid for my 12 months Premium WA membership! There was some very logical thought behind my decision (well in my mind at least ) :) a) I've saved a big wedge of dosh (compared to paying $47 monthly) b) Now I know I've got to make a good go of my new online business c) I'll give myself at least a year to follow the dream. I think committing to a whole year will concentrate my efforts on trying to do the best job I can to succeed in the affiliate mar
October 12, 2013
Just given myself a pat on the back for getting to the end of LEVEL 2 lessons - Phew!!! I must admit the last few lessons were certainly testing the old (very old) brain matter. BUT I did get through it and to the part about Ambassadors within Wealthy Affiliate - fantastic. I cannot believe how much I have learnt over the past month, I honestly didn't have a clue about affiliate marketing, creating a website, blogging, keywords, SEO etc. etc. it's been an amazing eye opener and something that I
Hi all on WA. Today I decided to get serious with my website and add some good visuals associated with my posts/pages on My content is coming along (in dribs and drabs but looks dull and uninspiring. So I'm trying to find and upload some really, really eye catching images that compliment my niche of cute dog clothing. The problem I seem to have are firstly finding the right media and then having the permissions to use them. I've found a few on Wikimedia Commons but t