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Last Update: November 04, 2013

Having registered my website with Bing I have been emailed today with a $50 credit to spend!

Woohoo $50 (or £30) seems a nice, tidy sum to get some adverts on the go in time for the festive season.

Question - has anyone used their introductory sign-up allowance? Or just paid for some ads on Bing?

I've found the training that Kyle has kindly put on WA for us but was just wondering if any fellow WAers have had any success with their ads?

It does seem to have arrived at the right time to start planning an Xmas campaign.

Any thoughts or comments as always gratefully received :0)

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I have found that many of the old timers liked PPC, but the cost is high and you must be very good at converting if it is to pay for you! The keywords are the key, but be careful and never bid more than you can afford to lose. The free money is a great way to test out the system. However I have never converted a PPC and have made quite a few sales from free sources.

If you can hit a pool of qualified buyers then PPC does work. Kyle and Carson have used it quite a bit and their early courses on it were quite popular. However tread carefully it can be like gambling.
georama Premium
No experience at my end.
ThomasPaul Premium
I've made a few sales for the WA affiliate program with Bing, but that was before WA implemented their PPC tracking system, so I didn't really have any idea which keyword was the one that converted.

Now that WA has implemented PPC tracking system I will probably give promoting WA on PPC another shot.

I've always struggled to make more money in commission than I spent in advertising costs with PPC. That is mainly not being able to track at the keyword level which one's are converting since a lot of vendors don't let you put your tracking script on their thank you page.
jangee Premium
Thank you :0) I need to read up a bit (or a lot) on what I should be doing.