Your feedback please

Last Update: July 26, 2019

Will love your feedback on my new baby thanks

so this is what am working on I call it my new baby

i just needed to know that am going in the right way please and thanks

thanks much appreciated

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Mick18 Premium
Hi Sophia,

Here's the link to request feedback.
Janet1919 Premium
Thank you
gwagner007 Premium
I am a former teacher so please take no offense at my comments. I like the level of readability. You explain complicated information in an easy to understand form.

My issues are with the grammar, spelling and punctuation. I suggest putting the article through the spell check in the site manager. If you want specific examples. I would gladly point them out.

I noticed at the bottom of your post you had an ad for WA. Can such an ad be put into any website? Thanks for the information.
firstlearn Premium
This is not the place to request feedback Janet.

RHattaway Premium
Good information! Especially for low tech people like me!
Janet1919 Premium
Am still working on it
And learning as I go thanks