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Last Update: Aug 7, 2019

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Hi Everyone I Just Want To Share My Progress So Far

am a very slow person but I love to take my time as I always say step by step

but am coming along

and because of this am always at the back of the line

I never take part in track and field at school lol because I know that I would be at the back

am nothing like Usain Bolt lord knows I wish lol

But here are some things that am doing here,


My newest baby so far am loving her doing well so far

I know this for me is a big deal so I just want to thank you the community and of course wealthy affiliate for making this possible moving forward

And cheers to my first love still in Bing as #1 and Yahoo

For me, it's not easy but I try to keep up with that is going on in my life and here at wealthy affiliate still giving thanks to you all for all your help and support

I have never done this before

But something had me thinking that I should put out my progress this far so here am doing it as I always as step by step

My Amazon affiliate links so far are

So once again I want to give a big thanks to you all lovely community could've done it without you guys

My 6 months journey with the family of wealthy affiliate and the beautiful community

Wealthy affiliate is the best place to be

For all your college need to success is right here

I received my Dedication 6 months badge

This is super cool

just want to share my progress with you guys

one love to you all

sharing is caring

by sophia

Recent Comments



Could you share the tool you use to check your rankings?


Thank you really appreciate it

Click on Dashboard under dashboard click on Research you will see site rank click on it and you can check your ranked

Lol, never noticed that and it was under my nose all the time.

Thanks again!

Lol 😆 I know that feeling

I am so happy for your success....what a difference a day makes.
Continue striving for excellence while I follow in your footstep.
Blessings up.

Lol lo lol it's not a day it 6 months lol thank you
All the. Best on your journey here


Lol I was referring to your down side you are all smiles. Way to go girl

😆 I know right lol

That is really good news.

Thank you
Yes it's really is

All the best
Thanks again


Congratulations Janet! You are doing great! No need to rush, as long as there is progress.


Thank you and I have all the time
Lol thanks again

Congrats on your 6 month badge. You are doing great.

Thank you

Thanks, Janet.

You are doing very well, keep it up
Darren :)

Thank you for your help

You're going great Janet. Most people haven't earned any money after six months. Jim

Thank you for your comment
It's not easy but is trying to stay in the race
Really appreciate it


Great job with your progress!
Keep up the good work...
Wishing you continued success. :)

Thank you
Am trying I know it's not an easy task but am in lol thank you


My pleasure! Keep working hard and it will pay off.
Looking forward to your success.

Thank you

You're welcome.

Well done on all your achievements Sophia and all the best as you continue to develop more and more online
Go well and keep being awesome!!

Thank you
Appreciate your kind words


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