Site Content not always letting us know if a post has been indexed.

Last Update: April 16, 2019

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Site Content is not always letting us know if a post has been indexed.

I always use site content to write my posts, then edit them in WordPress.

Just recently I found I wasn't being notified as often as I used to be and wondered if my posts were being indexed at all.

So I did some research in Google URL Inspection and found many of my posts had been indexed but I had not been notified by Site Content.

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this?



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Noteboom Premium
Always use the webmaster tool. There you get all the information direct. But I see, or it looks like that, Google takes more time than before. At least it is the case in my case.
Lazyblogger Premium
Don' use site content so I am not sure.
NateThomas7 Premium
I see the same. Site Content does not always notify me so I usually will verify in Search Console
emilyonline Premium
I have found I only get notified when I publish direct from Site Content.
When you edit in wordpress, are you copy/pasting from Site Content to do your editing and then hitting the publish button in wordpress? If so, that will be why.
If you're hitting publish from the Site Content platform though, I don't know.
jan135 Premium
Hi and thanks for replying.
I write my content in site contents then publish it. I then edit the post in WordPress. I do unpublish the post in Wordpress and change it to draft until I am ready to publish it in WordPress.
I have been doing this for some time and I usually do get notified by email once a post is published. But for some reason, the notifications have been sporadic.
emilyonline Premium
How strange! It sounds like you should be getting a notification every time then.
I hope someone has an answer for you.
I always go and tell google (using URL inspector within webmaster tools) my post is published and ready for indexing so I can be sure it's done because I only publish about 10% from within site content so I hardly get any notifications.
Carloeze Premium
Something similar too. They used to notify you when that happens.
But at times you don't see the notification. I do check the emails often and google console too.