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Hi,I made my self a goal to write 200 posts in my first 12 months of being a Wealthy Affiliate member.I have been with WA 11 months now and have completed my goal of 200 posts.It's a good feeling.Has anyone one else completed their goals?I would be interested to hear.RegardsJanet
I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Site Content is not always letting us know if a post has been indexed.I always use site content to write my posts, then edit them in WordPress.Just recently I found I wasn't being notified as often as I used to be and wondered if my posts were being indexed at all.So I did some research in Google URL Inspection and found many of my posts had been indexed but I had not been notified by Site Content.I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this?Regar
March 07, 2019
We all want to write the best attention grabbing headlines that are unique.I came across another headline analyzer so I thought you may want to try it out.Write better headlinesRegardsJanet
January 27, 2019
I have recently had a few sign ups to WA, which I am pleased about.One thing is though none of the recent sign ups have filled in their profile.Does anyone know if it is possible that bots can sign up to WA?
Merry Christmas to one and all at WA.I thought you may be interested in a WordPress "how to fix errors in WordPress".Here is the link below. a Happy New Year
Hi all,I am a big believer in giving to certain charities especially around Christmas time.I have found a site that lets you give to charities without having to use your own money.There are 6 ways you can do this. This site will explain how. hope you find this helpful.Regards Janet
Hi WA Members,I thought I might let you know of another little gem I have come across when doing research. In fact it has been in my favourites for weeks and I forgot all about it.You may have already come across it yourself. Anyway I will share it here as it might give you some better keyword phrases.I hope giving out this URL is not against WA protocol. you enjoy.RegardsJanet
I don't know about anyone else, but when doing research I often get way laid and start going off in another direction. This happens to me a lot.Anyway, When I am doing this sort of thing, one thing intreages me. That is email marketing. I nearly always look for ways to get a bigger email list, be it ifrom information, reports or whatever.The thing is though the information always presumes you already have a list. Why do they do this? I want to know how to grow my list not some other information
September 22, 2018
I checked my rankings today on Jaaxy. It seems I am No1 on the 3 search engines. I havn't checked my rankings for a while as my monthly searches had expired on Jaaxy. So I have waited until my monthly searches have renewed.I am at a quandarry though. Being No1 is great but it hasn't made me any sales or referrals.Is there something I am missing here?What do you think? am I being to presumtious?I would love to know your take on this.RegardsJanet
September 16, 2018
Is your blog legal? Do you have all your legal pages written up on your blog?I was wondering how many people know about the legal aspects of their blog. Especially if you are new to blogging and affiliate marketing.Make a note of a website I have found. The owner is a US lawyer and blogger.She has written up a checklist of the 7 things you need to do to make your blog legal.Here is her link: hope this helps everyone who is in the dark about this issu