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Well, mm. I am 67 years young have just retired from working in an Aboriginal community in South Australia outback. I find in this last 6 months on age pension, kinda disappointed with myself. I have not really achieved much in working in varied jobs and not manage financially well. I have some need to maintain my support for ngos n people . Now with less income I can’t do that.
I thank God that I do not have mortgage with my home.
However, through many years I have always wanted to learn to do Affiliate, I believe it was meant to be now. I was reading something , l found Egon Sarv’s article, was taken by his sincere attitude.
So, here I am hoping to learn for WA community from you lovely young people.
I do sense peace in my heart . It is such a pleasure to see young leaders in their family photos. Today there seemed too many negative in the world. When I look at WA community I sense relationship, trust , sharing knowledge. Spirit of generosity just oozing especially from Kyle in his welcoming email.
I want to be part of it . It encourages me , even with no experience or no age limits, does not matter.
I believe I am teachable, I have done so many things in my life. Mind you, work and living in Aboriginal community, is life changing experience. I always tell my friends ‘ character building and humility ‘
Also do not believe in retirement. I hope to maintain and engage with people. Keep body , mind and spirit healthy. What more create financial freedom . My hearts desire is to be independent from Aged Pension. With Affiliate I hope to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
5000 to 10000 a month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
Don’t understand ecstatic earning
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
2-3 hours a day
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Apr 25, 2019
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JamilahLovi1 Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
5000 to 10000 a month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
Don’t understand ecstatic earning

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
2-3 hours a day
Ahimbe Premium
The goals are great; and with the training and interactions with the community, you will be an achiever. I wish the best.
Kyle Premium
So awesome Jamilah, I know from experience that goals are what lead us to success. Work relentlessly in pursuit of these goals and they CAN and WILL happen.

In fact, wipe failure out of your mind right now. It simply won't happen. You have too much help, support and an entire community of help behind you to ever let that happen :)

If you need anything going forward, just let me known and I will be happy to give you a hand.
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SnazzyIT Premium
Hi and congratulations on your becoming a premier member! It is awesome to have you on board. You will quickly find as you continue in your training what an amazing bunch of people we really are (a bit ‘mad’ to the outside world, but we are fun) and with our support, you will achieve great success. Here is to the new you! May you achieve everything that you wish to and more at WA :)
JamilahLovi1 Premium
Thank you , feel like I am swimming in the ocean atm
SnazzyIT Premium
Lol, you know what I still feel that way, after being her for four months...however, there are lots of rescue boats to help you :)
free4life Premium
Welcome to premium!

So happy that you have decided to take this step in your journey towards achieving your dreams.

The training here is great and you should follow it to the letter.

The community here is the very best I have personally encountered. (and I have tried a few)

I hope to bump into you along your path.

Once again, welcome aboard!! Blessings ~ Frank & Tina (free4life)
JamilahLovi1 Premium
Frank n Tina thank you for your encouragement
free4life Premium
You are very welcome 🙏
EdwinBernard Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Glad that you joined us.

WA is an amazing environment to learn and apply our skills towards creating an online business. I tried to do this alone before and was completely lost.

Now I know why.

There are so many tricks of the trade and it saves so much time having it all laid out clearly in the WA training programs.

Keep following the training and exercises every day. Give it a year to see significant results. You'll be a happy camper by then. We all make progress at different rates and it is possible to see meaningful results in 4-6 months. Google cannot be rushed.

Google rewards people with websites that provide value to their visitors. It helps to boost their ad revenue of course! And that helps your websites get high rankings. But it takes time to build credibility. Once they realize your site is an authority site, good things will happen faster.

When you get stuck, and you will, just ask for help in the discussion area located below each lesson. Scroll down to find it. Another member who has the answer will get back to you promptly.

In the meantime have fun with the program. Much success to you.


JamilahLovi1 Premium
Thanks Edwin,
Beginning to read and watch the video.
Grateful for the WA community encouragements.
egonsarv Premium
Hey, Jamilah,

Just thought I would check in and see how things are going with you! I hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself here within the WA community :)

Now... As you have begun a new exciting adventure where you will create your own passive income stream...

...I thought I'd share an excellent productivity tip with you, Jamilah... Because, yes, it's that good!

I read it in John Carlton's email. If his name does not ring a bell, John Carlton is one of the most famous and successful copywriters in the world today. A pure genius!

But see how humble was his start to success! And what was the key to his success.

Now, because that great entrepreneurial gem is in his email, I cannot give you a link. Therefore, I just copy and paste a part of his email for you. Take a look and see if this doesn't blow you away.

And see if it can help you. It helped me :)


John Carlton, "Nothing is impossible for a man who refuses to listen to reason."

I can't recommend this productivity tip to just anyone…

… but it worked gangbusters for me.

Here it is: Back when I started my freelance copywriting career, I had almost zero clue what I was doing. There were no books out there on the subject, and I'd never even MET a freelancer before. It was an esoteric gig, a vague idea without specific details.

I just made it up as I went.

Any sane man would have given me no chance whatsoever to succeed.

Ha! But I had a secret weapon on my side: I refused to listen to reason, and blithely ignored the reality of the task ahead of me.

I also had no Plan B if I failed at this new career shift. (From my former career as a clueless slacker getting fired a lot.)

That combination (defying the naysayers — who swore they only wanted to protect me from disaster — and not having a fall-back position to cushion any fall) actually created a perfect storm for me.

I dug in, and worked like a demon to find ways to make my new gig work. Cuz, you know, I didn't have another option.

I lived at the library for weeks, reading everything I could find on biz and advertising and marketing. I fearlessly called every agency in town, and followed up with personal visits (hauling around my feeble collection of ads that grew only as I got new jobs). I took every job I could find, and wasn't shy about presenting my biz card to everyone I met.

I just refused to fail.

And there were freelancing jobs out there to be had. They weren't easy to find back then (decades before the Web was viable), and I was living close to the edge of poverty…

… until that first big paycheck came in.

That hooked me for the duration. Freelancing was the perfect gig for a guy like me, who didn't do well in structured "jobs", hated wearing ties, and liked to live on the night owl schedule.

I imagined having a gun to my head that would go off if I didn't succeed each day with my short-term goals. That eliminated all wavering and doubt — I didn't spend a second dithering or freaking out. I just kept my head in the game 24/7 and plowed ahead.

When I met Gary Halbert a few years later, we instantly recognized each other as fellow travelers. He even had a saying: "Nothing is impossible for a man who refuses to listen to reason."


For the right person, with the right amount of cojones and irrational fearlessness, this attitude actually works.

Again — I don't recommend it to just anyone.

But it sure worked for me.

Just something to think about when you're feeling like you have limited options.

Stay frosty,
John Carlton's website: http://www.john-carlton.com
JamilahLovi1 Premium
Thank you Egon, I am looking at niche.
egonsarv Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, Jamilah!

I am Egon Sarv and we met back on my blog http://EgonSarvReviews.com.

First, I want to give you special thanks for having enough trust in me to give WA a spin. You can't lose, Jamilah. WA training, support, and community are just brilliant!

And the best part - you risk nothing (we’ll get to that thing in a sec).

Before that, though, just so you know that I am a real guy - here's my super short, Twitter size bio:

I am a devout husband and a father of 4; a former missionary to Indonesia where I worked as an IT, math, and Sci teacher. In a school that served the poor. Now I am combating online scams.

And here in WA - I am on your side, Jamilah. Ready to help you along the way.

Therefore, if you ever need a hand with anything, don't hesitate to let me know (I am very friendly guy :) )

End of intro :) OK, let's get started.

Jamilah, I don't know if you have any previous experience in this make-money-online thing but...

...Don't worry if you do not have.

Because Wealthy Affiliate is 100% newbie friendly. Kyle and Carson (the founders of WA) have broken all the training down into short and super simple steps that are easy to follow and apply.

[Side note: I myself started my online venture as a complete dummy. I had zero knowledge under my belt and I even had spent the previous years in a non-profit! Knew nothing about online business. WA is the reason I am where I am today.]

By the way, Kyle and Carson (the founders of WA) are so extremely friendly and supportive guys as you will discover soon. I am very impressed. Seriously!

"Now what am I to do?" you ask.

As the first step, Jamilah, please check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification getting started course (Level 1). *** Here's YOUR BONUS ***
(Plus the reasons why WA is risk free)

As I have mentioned before, WA Starter Membership is 100% free. No money. No obligations.

Yes, you can but are not required to upgrade to Premium.

That being said, Kyle and Carson have a special *bonus* for you, Jamilah:

If you join Premium within the first 7 days...

...They will give you 59% discount on your first month Premium membership (only $19).

It means, for $19 only you will get FULL access to the WA training platform. All the tools, training, and support will be unlocked for you. Zero upsells, zero paywalls!

Not expensive, do you agree?

Now… Why Premium is risk free

Because you never have an obligation to continue. Although most people do. Thus, you never risk a cent - and you may drop out any time.

Finally, Jamilah, never mind what I say about WA - Try it - Put it to test - and see what WA (the tools, training, support system) will DO for you!

As I said, please start with the WA Getting Started Certification Course. It will walk you step by step through the process.

Chat soon, my friend :)


PS. If you need any help, please let me know. I am almost daily logged in (except weekends). Just drop me a line.
JamilahLovi1 Premium
Walk , just manage internet wifi here this weekend. Being in the outback only Telstra works.
I have to start reading and learning. Time management is my concern.