I went premium today everybody!

Last Update: August 27, 2015

I've been very nervous about IM, wondering whether or not I'm gonna succeed. I am feeling really good about the support here at WA.. This community is awesome. After reading comments and blogs and seeing everyone's passion for success just gives me extra motivation (not that my own isn't enough). People here are at different levels on the journey to financial freedom and some are where I'm at right now.. Money is all good but being happy and building long lasting relationships with great people is a definite perk. It just validate how real this opportunity is and for some reason it all feels right. I wish to look back one day and see that I finally made it. I want the best for my family so I'm gonna really give this 110% so one day I can exhale with joy. Thank you Kyle and Carson for WA, and Steve for being there to lead me here. Also a big thank you to the whole community that I look forward to connecting with.

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bestpromos Premium
You'll do just fine! I just went premium this week...lot to learn, but it will be worth the journey!
CarolynR Premium
you will never regret your decision!
Kyle Premium Plus
Awesome, congrats James. I can't wait to see where you take your business moving forward. Chat soon!
kennick2015 Premium
You won't regret it!
kunalbhadana Premium
Congratulations on taking the first step