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Last Update: November 11, 2015

Hello WA family! It's been over 2 1/2 months since I began my journey here and so far it has been a great adventure. My website is and I have some posts ranking but haven't reached first page as of yet. I know that it's up to me to get my site up where it needs to be. Every time I work through to the training I can see progress and it helps me to stay focused.

The training here at WA is wonderful and I am learning things I'd never thought was possible. I have affiliate links in place, images and content that I feel provides good information to help my visitors.

My goal is to get my site ranking so I can start seeing traffic which will lead to sales.My focus is to dedicate more time to the training and learning more from this great community.

If anyone wants to leave me some comments or give me any ideas to help me on my site I will be greatly appreciative of your kindness. I'm trying to hook up with everybody I can on social media so please connect with me on,,

Thanks for all the wonderful help from everyone here and cheers to everyone's success.


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Theresaw90 Premium
You will get closer and closer to success as long as you stay determined and make it work for you!
JamesJJr Premium
Thank you!
BarryJ Premium
And always with someone's help. You at WA will never know truly how much I appreciate you.
JamesJJr Premium
Thanks for commenting. I feel the same.. Great feeling.