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Hello WA family! It's been over 2 1/2 months since I began my journey here and so far it has been a great adventure. My website is and I have some posts ranking but haven't reached first page as of yet. I know that it's up to me to get my site up where it needs to be. Every time I work through to the training I can see progress and it helps me to stay focused. The training here at WA is wonderful and I am learning things I'd never thought was possible. I have affilia
September 27, 2015
Hello Everybody! Today is my first month after going premium. I have website started called Custom Wheels for Your Ride and I'm excited about getting it to the point of earning revenue. Although I'm a little slow compared to most I keep my desire to be successful at building my online business. Being new at this is an overwhelming experience with lots of information thrown at me. When I find myself struggling I try to stay focused. I take advantage of all the training and reach out to the grea
September 27, 2015
Hello Everyone! I would appreciate the help of getting followers on my Google Plus. I will follow everyone back as well,, Thank you in advance :)
September 01, 2015
I just got my website up early this morning. I will continue to work on it tonight.. Of course I'll still be following all the great training here at WA. I'm so excited to dig in and continue to build my business.. So far this has been a great experience and I'm not even making money yet lol. You guys be ready because I know I'm gonna need all of your support to succeed and I will for sure pay it forward as I gain more knowledge in upcoming months. I'm truly thankful because I never thought I'd
I've been very nervous about IM, wondering whether or not I'm gonna succeed. I am feeling really good about the support here at WA.. This community is awesome. After reading comments and blogs and seeing everyone's passion for success just gives me extra motivation (not that my own isn't enough). People here are at different levels on the journey to financial freedom and some are where I'm at right now.. Money is all good but being happy and building long lasting relationships with great people