Why Affiliate Marketing Rocks

Last Update: December 06, 2018

Back to Basics Paying Off.

I have been pumping a bit of content into my sites of late.

I added this particular post to my website about 3 days ago. I received notification that it had been indexed yesterday.

I did a random search on Google and, Boom ! .. page one, position 7!

Not my focus keyword either but another targeted keyword, non the less. And it is happening more often now than before, so traffic is building up.

So.. now spending more time and focus on getting the post optimised for ranking, and less time googling my posts afterwards to see if they rank yet...lol ! Yep, you do it too, I know! .

My SEO Routine

Focusing on my SEO basics on page has helped big time. Plus, don't underestimate the power of site comments on your posts.

My basics are Good Keyword placement in the post, title and meta data. Then once posted I do a 'Fetch as Google' in my Webmaster Tools (or now known as URL Inpsection in the new Google Search Console ) and then posting to Google+, Youtube and social media - it all helps to get your posts out there.

Sweet as ....Im hooked again! This is why affiliate marketing rocks!

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jillxyz Premium
This is what I expect of my coach!
Go James. Wonderful to hear of your success.
Aussie Jill
JamesBB Premium
Thanks Jill...
Cass51 Premium
Well done James and it seems that it always comes back to great keywords and quality content, so keep up the good work:)
lesabre Premium
Great stuff James
Vickic3 Premium
Good feeling with this one James - Content is key thats for sure so well done
All the best as you head towards 2019
Marley2016 Premium
Congratulations and thanks for sharing that is very
inspirational to us newbies :)