The Future Of Blogging

Last Update: February 20, 2018

Being curious by nature, a couple of days back I was wondering just how Blogging got started, it wasn't long before I found an article by Cameron Chapman "Brief History Of Blogging".

I had intended to do my own research and write some content about it, but, Chapman did a such a good job with his article, I doubt I could improve on it. So, I dropped the idea.

However, there's a thought provoking comment at the very end of it, I thought I'd share it here.

[Blogs are unlikely to go anywhere in the foreseeable future. But there’s a lot of room for growth and innovation in method in which their content is found, delivered, and accessed]. Cameron Chapman.

Those few lines weren't the only take-away points, but they did cause me to wonder; in what ways "is there a lot of room for growth and innovation..."?

Considering, Chapan wrote the article in 2011 (7 years ago), have we seen all that growth and innovation already, or, is there more to come?

If so; can we predict what it's likely to be and/or create it oursleves?

In what way has "method" innovation grown in the last 7 years, and if it has, in what ways is Blog content now delivered and accessed beyond that of 2011?

It may well be, many in WA have seen many innovations since 2011...?

Just wondering!

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TeamIceCream Premium
Interesting post James! Hmmmm.... yes, I wonder what he knew back then...

One way that I can think of that it is accessed, that was not around in 2011, is smart phones (or not as many of them that could do what a smart phone is doing today, in anyway).

I briefly had a HTC mobile phone, which basically was a predecessor of today's smart phones - and I thought it was a BRICK and it felt like it weighed a ton, compared to my nifty little flip-top mobile phone.

Okay, make it two ways, ;-) iPads too.

Wordpress was around back then, but WOW, it has grown exponentially. Every man and his dog seems to be using Wordpress these days. Back in 2011 many guys still taught HTML website building.

I'm curious to hear what the others come up with! ;-)

May you enjoy a lovely day James!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
JamesAnders1 Premium
Hi Sharlee, How's it going for you in the Land Of The Long White Cloud?

It's great to chat again.

Did you suffer from Cyclone Gito? I've family in Geraldine...not far from Chritchurch...apparently Chritschurch experienced suface flooding. And, some in the North Island suffered wind damage.

I hope you came out of it OK.

I also had an HTC Phone, loved it, yes a brick but it didn't break and the slightest of touches.

Thank you for your responses to the questions posed, I'm sure mobile technology and the use of media is evidence of innovation in terms content delivery.

Video particularly. And Google indexes video too...yes it certainly does index them. I'm wanting to understand more about that!

So, it kind of raises a question, for me at least, if we get good at video do we need to write/type lengthy posts? Pod-casts seem to me to be another innovation in terms of delivery.

David Rowse ProBlogger (he's an Aussie) makes great use of Pod-casts. I've just subscribed to his weekly newsletter full of tips for new and not so new bloggers. If even one tip make a difference to your online activities it's got to be worth it.

Meanwhile, back to writing more content.

Chat again soon.