Guess What the Best High Ticket Sale is?

Last Update: Jul 31, 2019

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Guess What the Best High Ticket Sale is?

My First High Ticket Sale. YAY

I did it, I got my first high ticket sale and I feel amazing. YAY

I learned more about how important promoting high ticket products are to my affiliate marketing business from Tiffany's training, and you can find the link to her amazing training below.

High Ticket Products

Putting what I have learned about high ticket products together with what I have learned from Grace (aka Littlemamas) amazing training on product reviews which you will find below.

Product Reviews

And BAM I finally got my first high ticket sale. YAY.

Now as you can tell I am very excited about this.

But I am NOT writing this to brag and boost. NO.

I am writing this to encourage those that feeling a little low because things are not happened quickly enough in their Online business.

FIrst I want to say that Mindset is everything in your business.

Look at all the good and what you have achieved in your business thus far.

Look around this amazing community and know that you have everything you need to become successful right here, right now.

Know that YOU are a SUCCESS.

Keep creating amazing content and you will get there.

Secondly follow the step by step training here at Wealthy Affiliate because it is GOLD.

Also tap into the live training every Friday / Saturday with Jay and get even more golden nuggets to add to your online business.

Thirdly interact with the brilliant community here at Wealthy Affiliate because it is second to none.

We also have ClassRooms that as a ton of information and know how.

And if at any point in your business journey you find yourself a little stuck ask your question and get unstuck.

This is not my first sale ever but it is my first unexpected high ticket sale.

I was just looking at my stats in Clickbank as I do every now and then and noticed some other figures.

It took me a while to realise that it was a sale and not just a sale but a sale with a commission of over $300.


There you have it. I just wanted to share my GREAT news with you.

Thank you Tiffany and Grace and everyone else in this amazing community that has helped me on this wonderful journey.

If I can do it so can you.

You too can have your first High Ticket sale by doing what I did and that is follow the step by step training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Show me some love by liking and leaving me a comment, which I will really appreciate.


And Here's to making it happen.

Thank you


Recent Comments


Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for affirming what I have always thought to be the best route. Which is if you are going to put in hours of work with research and content creation, Why do all of this for a $5.00 dollar payout. When you could do the same for a $300.00 dollar payout. Excellent Job and a Big Congrats to you. Keep up the good work, And I hope many of these type of paydays continue to come your way. You deserve it. Thanks for your contribution to the community.

Thank you Ma'chir for your comment and support much appreciated.

Yes you have put it beautifully.

Time is money in this game so why not aim for the high ticket and make it worth while.

I would also add that for me the product need to be aiming in the direction of helping others grow.

Have an amazing day and thank you for stopping by


Your Welcome Anytime. Keep up the Good Work.

Thank you and yes I will.

that's what im looking for

Thank you for stopping by John.

Stick around and learn all you can and this will just be a taster for you.

All the best success


Cheers to your success Jada. I'm feeling inspired.

Thank you Mazie for your comment and support much appreciated.

I am so glad that you are feeling inspired.

You are in the right Space to growing your successful business.

Here's to you making it happen

Have a great day


Excellent job Jennifer. Keep on keeping on!


Thank you so much Cal for your words of encouragement I really appreciate it.

YAY, Here's to keeping on and making it happen


You're welcome

Thank you Cal

You really are Rocking Jennifer. tooo cool.:)

Thank you Robert for you comment and support much appreciated.

Here's to us making it happen here at Wealthy Affiliate. YAY

Have a great day


sorry, I'm texting from my car May prosperity and success be always with you.

Thank you again Earl

Don't worry I am lapping it all up. lol


Outstanding, Well Done, big time graduation to you. It always feels mighty good when you make a sell from your site, however a high kick sale makes you feel very very mighty good any successful always be with you

Thank you so much Earl for your kind comment and support much appreciated

Yes it feels GREAT.

All the very best success to you also


Well Done!!

Thank you Shaunna for your lovely support much appreciated

Have a great day


3 bills? Nice! I use to void the high ticket products. I am learning to love them more and more. Thank for sharing ;-)

Thank you Tony for your comment and support much appreciated.

Yes 3 bills, very nice and oh so unexpected.

Yes get to love high ticket.

Here's to making it happen

Have a great day


Way to go Jennifer!!

Thank you so much Doug for your wonderful support, much appreciated.

Have a wonderful day


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