2 Years at Wealthy Affiliate and Still Learning So Much. YAY

Last Update: Jul 7, 2020

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2 years at Wealthy Affiliate and still learning so much. YAY.

I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate and I am still amazed every day.

I have learnt to create my websites from scratch

Learnt all about metatags and making my website SEO friendly

Learnt how to find relevant affiliate programs to work with and make the most of them to start generating a ever increasing income.

Learnt how to create feature images that pop. YAY.

Learnt the power of products reviews

Learnt so much from the Super Affiliate Challenge

Learnt so much from Jay in the live training on Friday's

Learnt how to narrow down my niche to gain more targetted views

Learnt how to use social media the right way

Learnt how to use forums such as Reddit and Quora help more people

Learnt the power of knowing my audience

Learnt that I am in the helping business and though this started to understand that this is a great tool in growing my business.

Learnt the power of content marketing and keyword research with the amazing help of Jaaxy keyword research.

Learnt the true definition of earn while you learn here at Wealthy Affiliate

and on top of all of that and more I have learnt that there are many like minded people in the world and most of them are right here at Wealthy Affiliate. YAY.

Help is all around here on this amazing platform.

I have done more in that past two years here at Wealthy Affiliate than I could ever have imagined and for that I am truly thankful.

For those just getting started or thinking of starting I say just do it because what you have to gain will go beyond your wildest dreams.

Do go for it and just do it.

One thing that I have learnt this week is that I am alot better than what I have been tought in the mainstream education system, I am better.

So know yourself that you are whatever you want to be.

I could say so much more about this amazing platform but wanted to keep it short but I feel that you get the picture. lol.

Also the community here at Wealthy Affiliate I want to say a BIG THANK YOU and heartfelt gratitude to all of you for all the amazing help and support that I have got here.

Together we will achieve more and I thank you.

Kyle and Carson thank you for create this space and making it possible for many to start creating a better furture.

Thank you Jay for your brilliant live training.

Wealthy Affiliate has taken me from zero, scratch to HERO. YAY.

Thank you all for reading and supporting and here's to making it happen in 2020 and beyond.


PS: What are you grateful for today?

(Show some love and like and comment, which will be gratefully appreciated.)

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Amazing 👏👏
Many more years to come👍

Well done, Jennifer! Happy 2 year WAnniversary!


Congratulations on you 2 years with Wealthy Affiliate

Fantastic and uplifting post. Many thanks Yay!!!

Hi Jennifer, Happy Two Year Anniversary here at WA. Congratulations on your accomplishments and continued success.

All the best,

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