Day 25 - Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017

Last Update: June 13, 2017

Hey there and a Big Welcome to Day 25 of Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017 – let’s keep moving!


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A recap on what I did yesterday – Day 24:

  • Got all of the basics up and running on my site from Registering a domain to changing the permalinks structure


Now that I’ve moved through Day 1 & 2 I’m going to move on to the tasks of Day 3 of my previous posts:

Building the Core Elements to the Site

Now, instead of installing the All in One SEO pack plugin, I’m bravely going to go somewhere I’ve never gone before – I’ve decided on the Yoast SEO plugin for this site.

I found this article about Yoast SEO vs the All in One SEO pack and even they had to call it a tie…


The biggest benefit I feel I will get from using Yoast is the On Page SEO – instead of trying to go through an SEO checklist when I’ve created my posts, Yoast goes through the list for me – Woohoo one less thing I have to think about.

Here’s the analysis so far on my Home Page I’ve just created and put up on my new site.

As you can see I’ve still got a bit of work to do to make sure that I’m getting the best SEO result possible, but at least I can see everything right there – it’s just a matter of getting all of those dots to turn green!

So I’ve installed and activated the Yoast SEO plugin and went through the process of completing the setup. When you’ve activated the plugin, you’ll go to your sites Dashboard, scroll down and find the Y Seo icon (Yoast icon).

There are videos available in the Yoast dashboard but I found they were lacking in the extra information I needed, especially since I’m setting up a new site. I found this YouTube video very helpful that takes you from the beginning to the end of the process, it was very easy to follow:

He talks about purchasing Yoast Premium towards the end of the video but on searching around many people have said that the free version is enough.

It took about an hour and a half to do the set up but I can see it’s definitely going to be worth it in the long run.

Inside of that training video, we’re not only setting up the website's SEO, we also dealt with the XML Sitemap and Social Meta.

Here’s another post I come across which might be helpful.

Well… that’s us for today folks…

Here’s to you having a fantastic day rest of the day… I’ll see you tomorrow as

Tomorrow we’ll be on Day 26 of Learn how to build a website yourself in WordPress in 2017 where we will carry on from where we left off today!

Thanks so much for coming along, and again, you’re most welcome to leave a comment or ask a question below if you wish to do so, thanks and …



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AllanSiegel Premium
I'm still with All-in-One SEO, but will keep this as an alternative resource. Thanks for posting all this great info.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Allan,

I know what you mean about All-in-One SEO, it's been my 'go to' for over 8 years.

It was the fact that I was seeing Jay (magistudios) here at WA using it a lot in his training sessions that put me onto it.

I'd heard about Yoast before but not as much as I heard about it from Jay.

I won't be going back to All in One SEO, this is my SEO plugin of choice now - Woohoo!

Cheers Allan and thanks again for coming along and leaving me a comment.

ericpierre Premium
At first, when I read that we are going to do Day 3 again, I started to think, now I have to tell jacqueline to stop with this series. But then you changed to Yoast SEO! Great move. I have to try it out on my next site!
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Eric,

Yeah I know what you mean about repeats in the series. I'm really working on ramping up this site so I'm coming from a completely different angle with my continuation of this series.

Because this new site has begun it's creation as an Authority Site, it seems to have changed everything in regards to it's whole set up.

Yoast SEO was a big change and even now I'm still getting used to how much it has to offer that's so different to All in One SEO. I would highly recommend it.

Thanks for coming along and leaving another comment Eric,


drcmaint Premium
alright. Moving right along.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there John,

Absolutely moving right along, starting with putting up fresh content on my new website which is fantastic.

Thanks a ton for coming along and leaving another great comment, cheers,

Ivine Premium
Hi Jacqueline, another great article. Irv.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Irv,

It's great you're coming along and checking out the posts, thanks for leaving me another great comment.