Day 18 - Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017

Last Update: June 06, 2017

Hey there and a Big Welcome to Day 18 of Learn How to Build a Website Yourself in WordPress 2017 – today will be a super short 'n' sweet post on the difference between being indexed and being ranked!

I haven’t posted for about a week so, I want to get my momentum back!

My reason for being away is that in the past week or so, I’ve had 2 Uncles pass away and it’s been a pretty mind and heart churning time – to say the least.

We all go through hardships of one type or another, but I know it’s not about the hardship or upset, it’s about how we deal with it, AND having the strength to carry on in light of what’s going on around us, even when all the ‘dust has settled’.

For any of you out there that are going through a hard time, whether it be around family, friends, work or whatever else – Please Keep Your Chin Up – things eventually DO GET BETTER and sometimes all it takes IS TIME!

AND SOMETIMES we just need to take some ‘time off’ to breathe, stretch and get ourselves back into ‘working order.

So let’s get into today’s post:


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A recap on what I did in Day 17:

· Went through Jays 21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps

· Covered the 7 Steps – one by one

· Covered Bonus Ninja Strategies

· Answered common questions that are asked

· Noted that we covered these steps in Days 14 and 15

Now, let’s talk about the difference between being indexed and being ranked – which comes from the Q & A session at the end of Jays training video: 21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps as the link indicates above – this starts at about 1:17:27

The actual question was from an attendee of the webinar: “Jay do all posts get ranked, not necessarily in the top?”

Here’s Jays explanation:

So there’s a difference between getting indexed and getting ranked


Indexed means you’re in the search engines, Google knows about it but they haven’t decided to categorize it for a keyword yet.

That means if you Google the exact URL of your blog post and it comes up, that means it’s indexed.



If you Google it for your main keyword and nothing shows up, even if you go from page one to page ten, that means you’re not ranked. Ranked means that Google has found a keyword to associate that URL to.

Chronologically you get indexed in Google first AND THEN you get ranked.

So indexed is basically the URL that gets inside the search engines, ranked is – they’ve found a keyword (which hopefully is the one that you want them to rank you for) to associate that URL to.

Reasons Why a Keyword Doesn’t Get Ranked

There’s many reasons why a keyword doesn’t get ranked, there’s several metrics:

· Maybe the keyword is difficult and there’s a lot of competitors

· It’s trying to rank on a new site etc

It’s not completely black and white and that’s why your keyword research is so important!

Well I warned you it was going to be short ‘n’ sweet ...

Here’s hoping you’re having a brilliant day… I’ll see you tomorrow as

Tomorrow we’ll be on Day 19 of Learn how to build a website yourself in WordPress in 2017!

Thanks so much for coming along, and once again, you’re most welcome to leave a comment or ask a question below if you wish to do so, thanks and …



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saharelf Premium
Fab post as always. Glad you are back
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Luba,

Thanks for the lovely comment, it's great to be back, I'm so excited about this next project, Website 2.

Onwards and upwards, cheers,

jtaienao Premium
Short, sweet, but very much to the point Jacqueline. It is very important to understand the difference between them. Thanks.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey Jerome,

You're a gem and you're absolutely right. Thanks for coming along and leaving a comment, it's very much appreciated.


ericpierre Premium
Missed your post already. Thanks for sharing a new lesson with us Jacqueline.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there Eric,

Yeah it's been a while, but we're back with bells on.

You're most welcome and thanks for coming here and leaving a comment, it's nice to know that even if you step away for different reasons, there's still people here to encourage you.


drcmaint Premium
Wagons Ho. Thanks.
JacquelineS1 Premium
Hey there John,

Yes Wagons Ho and it's time to Giddy-Up!

Thanks for coming along and leaving a comment, it's really appreciated.


WaynePro Premium
Good message, Jacqueline and great series of training. Thanks so much.

JacquelineS1 Premium
Hi there Wayne,

Thanks for coming along and leaving a comment, it's very much appreciated.

You're most welcome, it's great to be back in the driver's seat and getting back into gear again.

Cheers again Wayne,